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One of the most iconic characters in One Piece is Portgas D Ace, who is known for his bravery, power and intelligence. He is one of the most respected members of the Whitebeard Pirates and has a very strong bond with Luffy.

He was born on August 5th in North Blue to Gol D. Roger and Portgaz Drachma. He was not only adopted by Whitebeard but also became his son. Ace is a talented pirate who has been fighting for his dream since he was a child. He has a strong bond with Luffy, which can be seen throughout the series as they have gone through many adventures together like saving Robin from being executed by Admiral Akainu or when Luffy fought against Akainu to save Ace’s life.

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Portgas D Ace is the protagonist of One Piece. He is a pirate with ambition to find the One Piece treasure.

1. He was born on August 5, Age 20 in East Blue.

2. His father, Gol D Roger, was executed on February 19, Age 37.

3. He became a pirate at age 17 and joined the Whitebeard Pirates at age 18 in Age 20 after his captain Shanks saved him from execution by the Marines and gave him his straw hat as a sign of friendship and respect.

4. His dream is to become Pirate King with Luffy’s help and find One Piece treasure along with Luffy’s crew members Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji and Chopper who are also searching for this treasure too as they are friends.

Portgas D Ace, also known as fire fist Ace, is a pirate and the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He is an extremely powerful fighter who can use Haki to a degree that is comparable to Luffy.

What Episode Does Ace Appear In?

portgas d ace first appeared
Portgas D Ace first time appear in one piece

Ace is first introduced in the episode “94 Alabasta arc”.

Ace, who was once a member of the Whitebeard, is introduced in “Episode 94 Eating at the restaurant at Alabasta City.” Ace is a person with superhuman strength and speed.

Is Portgas D Ace Related To Luffy?

portgas d ace and monkey d luff
Portgas d ace and his brother Luff

Yes, long story short “Portgas D Ace AKA Fire fist ace is the oldest brother of Monkey D Luff.” Portgas D. Ace is the second son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger and his lover, Portgas D Rouge. His father’s death left him as the sole remaining member of the Roger Pirates. Ace had a younger brother named Sabo who was adopted into the family of Orguru and became a Revolutionary alongside Luffy and Jinbei.

Ace was an extremely skilled fighter who could take on any opponent with ease, but he had a devil-may-care attitude that often got him into trouble with his superiors like Sengoku or Akainu. He also had an unusual ability to use Haki, which he demonstrated when he first used it to save Luffy from drowning after they were shipwrecked in Loguetown. He also used it in battle.

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How Old Is Portgas D Ace?

Answer 20 years old: Ace is a character who was born on August 5th, and he has a blood type of A. His height is 175 cm and his weight is 80 kg. He has black hair and brown eyes, and he has been known to be a strong fighter.

He was born on August 5rd, 1763 at 11:00 AM and died on November 2nd, 20 at 10:00 AM According to the anime series.

Does Portgas D Ace Have A Child?

Ace is a very famous character in the One Piece series. He is a pirate who has an unusual power to create fire. He has been a major protagonist in the story and he is one of the most loved characters.

It was revealed that Ace had a child with Jewelry Bonney, but she died soon after giving birth to him. There were speculations about his child’s identity, but it was confirmed that it was none other than Monkey D. Luffy, his little brother who he had never seen before and didn’t know existed until the death of their mother.

Portgas D Ace Vs Sabo?

portgas and sabo
ace and sabo

In things of fighting both of them all good and strong, what make them different is because of their magic weapons.

The anime series also follows this storyline and he is voiced by Hiroaki Hirata in Japanese and by Eric Vale in English. In both versions, he does not appear until halfway through the series.

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He has a bounty of 300,000,000 berries on his head and his Devil Fruit abilities are Logia type which allows him to turn into fire at will.

Portgas D Ace is the adopted son of Gol D Ace and the biological older twin brother to Sabo.

Portgas D Ace, when he was still a child, was said to be the most skilled in fire manipulation and sword fighting among all the members of his generation in his hometown. He had an insatiable love for adventure as well as an equally strong sense of justice. When he was fourteen years old, he set out on a journey to become a pirate like Gol D ace and his father before him. It is not known what happened on this journey, but it is mentioned that there were many rumors about the “last straw” that made him become a pirate: people say everything from pirates killed his parents to pirates killed his entire family while they were out farming or that they took everything from the hat. We’ll learn details about Sabo in my next post.

Who is Portgas D. Ace’s girlfriend?

Ace Girlfriend

Jewelry Bonney is the ace wife. in the other hand, Ace’s girlfriend is a character that has not been introduced in the Anime Series. 

However The identity of Ace’s girlfriend is one of the things that fans are most interested in. There are many theories about who she could be, but the only thing that can be said for sure is that her identity was revealed and Bonney is the Ace Girlfriend.

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Is Fire Fist Ace Really Dead?

portgas d ace aka fire fist ace
the truth about ace

Answer: Yes.

In the newest episode of One Piece, viewers were left with a great deal of questions. One of the biggest questions that fans are asking is whether or not Fire Fist Ace is really dead.

Ace was killed by Akainu when he tried to save Luffy from being executed. The most recent episode was all about Ace’s death and Luffy’s reaction to it. The show ended on a cliffhanger where we see Luffy crying and screaming at his brother’s grave.

Some people think that Ace might not be dead because we have never seen him turn into a skeleton like Whitebeard did when he died after saving Ace from being executed. Others think that since there was no blood on his clothes or body, then he must still be alive somewhere in the world.

There are many theories about Fire Fist Ace’s death. Some people say that he died in the Marineford War and others say that he is still alive.

One of the most popular theories about his death is that he died in Marineford War. This theory has been supported by some facts, such as how his name was not seen on the list of pirates who were pardoned, how his grave was never found and how it seemed like he disappeared from the series for a while before reappearing.

Another popular theory is that Ace wife did not die at all but instead went into hiding to avoid being arrested by the Marines. The evidence for this theory is that we never see him die and there are several instances where he could have been killed off-screen, such as when Luffy punched him on Punk.

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