15 New Webcomics With Unpredictable Endings

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As for manga fans, if you were craving some comics with a dark twist, look no further. Webtoon Creators, whose comic strips have been featured on StiG more than several times, will bring those Halloween spirits back.

To cut a long story short, in this post you will see the 15 new webcomics with unpredictable endings, and I am sure you will find your favorite to read afterward. After doing your research, we have come to conclusions about 15 new comics that have been on the lips of social media users. 

15] Careful what you wish for!

Klariesa Anne Parker, a psycho-thriller mystery enthusiast, wished a psychopath would kill them all. Their school is put under lockdown the next day when a suspected serial killer has infiltrated their campus and proposed a game to win their freedom.

Careful what you wish for
Careful what you wish for

14] Goodnight

Igni and Kai come from kingdoms who just ended their decade old war. Despite this, tension continues to rise between the their families, making their love more complicated than it originally was. After fulfilling their duties in the day, they excitedly come to see each other at night. These star crossed lovers defy their fate by living their dreams in a dream.

13] About last night

It’s Katt’s last chance for love, so she’ll give it all she’s got to make it work on her last night.

12] Don’t panic

Can you learn to love someone if you are not comfortable with yourself?” Don’t Panic is a little shards of everyday life about struggle that each of us have to face inside its own mind and heart, simply told through comics strip. Hope you like it!

11] Rapture

Nine year old Isaiah Fitchmen was an odd child, born with different capabilities. His family was not complete, his mother left him behind with his father because he was a kind of special no mother wants. Due to this his father raised him in the house of God. Sadly faith is not enough to prevent Isaiah’s destiny.

10] Girlboss

9] Milk

The old myth about the moon being made of cheese is obviously wrong. But not for the reason you think. It isn’t cheese, but what it starts as. Milk. And it’s time everyone has a taste of it. Weather they want to try it or not. When the Milk Lady arrives at your door. Don’t answer it.

8] Kiki’s Funeral Service

7] Is your front door locked?

When Chaerin Eun becomes the protagonist of the romance novel she is reading, she expects a fairytale ending with the novel’s love interest, Jeha. But when a bizarre twist makes her realize the story is not playing out as it does in the book, she’ll need the help of an unlikely character from her class to defy the new storyline and find her happy ending — if only she can figure out who this ‘Unknown Extra’ is first!

6] Naughty or nice?

Under normal circumstances, there’s no way these two men would fall for each other. Until one day, Toru attempts to blackmail his long time bully, and the balance of power and intimidation opens up the door to…. a lot of second-hand embarrassments.

5] Moon eye

4] Driftwood

One day a young man sets out on a journey to become a full-fledged Drifter, a person who has the licence to travel in a closed off world, however little things start going awry and his journey feels to be going in a direction he hasn’t planned for, watch as he gets into altercations with manhunters, pirates, mercenaries and uhm well animals and makes friends with all sorts of people in all forms.

3] BlackSun

Hunted since birth for a burden he unknowingly carries, Yu must discover the secrets of his origins and his ties to a hidden shinobi world so he can come to realize the weight of his destiny, of being the last hope…the Last Flame of humanity standing against an ancient demonic threat. However BlackSun is also among the 3rd unpredictable webcomic at the moment.

BlackSun comic

2] bailin and li yun

Dr. Li Yun is doing research in the arctic when he meets a strange, injured creature. A collection of very short episodes about their shenanigans. However bailin and li yun is also among the 2rd unpredictable webcomic at the moment.

1] Get rekt, Susan

Get rekt, Susan is a new 2022 webcomic that was ranked 1 unpredictable series for eyes of Fans.

Get rekt, Susan
Get rekt, Susan

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