6th Degree Manhwa: A Must Read Manga Series, Here is What We Know

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If you’re looking for a thrilling and action-packed manhwa series, 6th Degree is a must-read. The story follows Kris, a young woman who knows she’s different but lives in the dark about her power. She is controlled by her father’s supervision and her job as The Cleaner, doing the dirty work of the Hyuu Police Department. 

When she finally has a chance to learn more about herself, her father is murdered by a vicious crime syndicate. Eden, the chairwoman of a rival crime family, gives Kris another chance at life. With vengeance on her mind, Kris adapts to her new life in the underworld, but will she fall deeper into the pit?

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Is 6th Degree Worth Reading?

6th Degree is definitely worth reading if you’re a fan of action, crime, and thriller genres. The story is well-written and engaging, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are complex and well-developed, and the artwork is stunning. The manhwa is available to read on WEBTOON.

Where to Read 6th Degree

You can read 6th Degree on WEBTOON, a digital comic platform that offers a wide range of manhwa and manga Series.

6th Degree Manhwa: A Must Read Manga Series, Here is What We Know

Other Manhwa Recommendations

If you enjoy 6th Degree, here are some other manhwa series that you might enjoy:

Solo Leveling: A popular manhwa series that follows the story of a weak hunter who gains the ability to level up his power by slaying monsters.

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  • Tomb Raider King: A series that is known to be very similar to Solo Leveling, with an almost identical art style and story
  • Max Level Player: A manhwa series that follows the story of a gamer who becomes trapped in a virtual reality game.

6th Degree Manhwa main character

The main character’s name is Yūsuke Kris , and he is depicted as a male standing at 5’7 and a half feet with black hair, brown eyes, and a smooth jawline. At the beginning of the series, Kris is portrayed as a selfish social outcast who spends most of his time playing video games and does not care much about studies or socializing.

Whether you’re a fan of manhwa or just looking for a new series to read, 6th Degree is definitely worth checking out

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