7 New Manga Series Released This Month You May Want To Read Before The End Of 2022

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7 New Manga Series Released This Month You May Want To Read Before The End Of 2022

If you are a manga fan, you would have noted how important it is to read new series when they are first released. Everyone wants to read manga series first so they can either predict the ending or create theories and spoilers. However, this is not the point. We have organized seven new manga series that were released this month, on December 1, 2022.

  1. Answer Me, My Prince
  2. The Empress’ Lipstick
  3. Witch’s Workshop
  4. Saving a Mercenary Unit from Bankruptcy
  5. To You Who Doesn’t Love Me
  6. Dragon Savior
  7. My Guardian Demon

On the list, we just discovered My Guardian Demon, and Answer Me, My Prince is one of the best of all. I am not trying to spoil the series; however, your job is to recommend a good series to your audience, which is why we list this manga.

If you are just coming, this is the best time for you to read the series so you can catch up on time. and you can read it on Webtoons at the moment.

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