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River Where the Moon Rises: A Must-Read Manga Series

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River Where the Moon Rises is a captivating historical romance drama based on the novel “Princess Pyeonggang” by Choi Sagyu. The series aired from February 15 to April 20, 2022, on KBS2 and has gained a massive following due to its engaging storyline, stellar cast, and breathtaking cinematography. This article will provide an in-depth look at the must-read manga series, exploring its plot, characters, and the questions it raises.

Plot Synopsis

The story revolves around Princess Pyeonggang, born a princess and raised as a soldier with big dreams and limitless ambition. Determined to become the first Empress of Goguryeo, Pyeonggang will stop at nothing to make her dream come true. Clever and level-headed, she is well aware of the obstacles that stand in her way and is more than capable of taking them on. The series follows her journey as she navigates the treacherous world of politics, love, and betrayal.


Pyeonggang / Yeom Ga-Jin

Played by Kim So-Hyun, Pyeonggang is the main protagonist of the series. She is a strong-willed and determined woman who dreams of becoming the first Empress of Goguryeo. After regaining her memory and returning to the palace, she is disappointed to find that her father, King Pyeongwon, is being controlled by the council of nobles.

On Dal

Initially portrayed by Kim Ji-Soo and later replaced by Na In-Woo, On Dal is a kind-hearted and loyal man who becomes Pyeonggang’s love interest. Despite being considered a fool living in the ghost village, he saves Pyeonggang from the king’s men and supports her in her quest to become the Empress.

Go Geon

Played by Lee Ji-Hoon, Go Geon is a skilled warrior and strategist who is in love with Pyeonggang. He faces a complicated relationship with Hae Mo-Yong, who refuses to give up on her love for him despite her father’s protests.

Hae Mo-Yong

Portrayed by Choi Yoo-Hwa, Hae Mo-Yong is a cunning and ambitious woman who is determined to win Go Geon’s heart. She plays a significant role in the political intrigue that unfolds throughout the series.

River Where the Moon Rises

People Also Ask

Q: Why was the original ending of “River Where the Moon Rises” changed?

A: The original ending of the series was supposed to feature On Dal’s death. However, the finale script was changed to a happier ending due to two reasons: the change of cast from actor Ji Soo to Na In Woo, and the influence of international fans who wanted a more positive conclusion.

Q: Where can I watch “River Where the Moon Rises”?

A: The series is available for streaming on platforms such as Viki7 and Viu8, with multilingual subtitles.

Q: How many episodes are there in “River Where the Moon Rises”?

A: The series consists of 20 episodes, each with a duration of 60 minutes.


“River Where the Moon Rises” is a must-read manga series that offers an engaging and emotional journey through the world of ancient Korea. With its captivating storyline, well-developed characters, and stunning visuals, the series has captured the hearts of many fans. Whether you’re a fan of historical romance dramas or just looking for an immersive and entertaining experience, “River Where the Moon Rises” is a series you won’t want to miss.

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