A Dance of Swords in the Night: Is It Worth Reading? Review and Recaps of few chapters

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You’d think that this team would be able to produce good stories, right? I mean, they’ve already demonstrated their ability to do so, right? Instead, we get… whatever this is. The dialogue and writing in this story are mind-numbingly tropey, featuring gems like (to paraphrase) “Captain, help! He’s too strong for us, aaargh”; or multiple situations where the antagonists just happen to try poisoning the immune protagonist, before all reacting in the same way; or the protagonist repeatedly responding to pleas for mercy with such eloquent and original statements as “Are you done talking?”

Kidnapped as a child to be trained in the art of poison, Sohan Jin returns to his hometown in search of the group of New Moon Sword Dancers who raised him. However, upon his return, Sohan discovers the sword dancers have been defeated by a nefarious sect that now rules the area, with some members having been abducted. What would have been a heartwarming reunion transforms into a quest for revenge as Sohan begins his search for the remaining sword dancers, and he’s willing to poison anyone who gets in his way.

If you are new to the series, From the creator of On the Emperor’s Lap also know as creator of the mad demon, comes a new great revenge story where the main character isn’t afraid to be cruel and manipulate his enemies to kill them.

Is It Worth Reading?


The art style and colors are splendid. The story isn’t quite deep, but nice enough to understand. You got a cold-blooded, logical main character who uses the strong powers of his poisons and superior kick your ass cultivation to absolutely dominate with his revenge and fighting.

The story blends a little bit of comedy and seriousness well, and it makes the story not too goofy but a good read. Another way to describe this is the “one punch man” trope; however, the main character is always there and so far has no focus on side characters… If you like a story with a hero, as you may say, but more like an anti-hero in this case who is actually serious about his revenge, then this is a beautiful “kill everyone who gets in my way” vibe. Go read it.

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