A Good Day to Go Crazy: Will There Be a Season 2 or Chapter 60? Recap and Where to Read

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Today we’re gonna explore more about A Good Day to Go Crazy, manga series, as the series begins with an eye-opening recap.

When TV star and singer Esau enters Hosoo’s life, his monotonous days are spent caring for his sick younger sister. Esau has a successful music career. The stunning celebrity had been keeping a low profile ever since a woman who claimed to be his birth mother made an unexpected appearance. Hosoo is the only person who can bring Esau any solace in the midst of his pain, which is concealed by his popularity. Hosoo’s life is anything but average at the moment, but will Hosoo’s newly discovered love be enough to inspire Esau to make a real comeback?

It is incredibly entertaining, much like The Unwanted Roommate which I had to mention because the comparison is obvious.).

A Good Day to Go Crazy: Will There Be a Season 2 or chapter 60?

Absolutely there will not be any season 2 or chapter 60 of this manga anymore. In present time, since the manga end on 23rd May we have not heard any news or any information from the author.

A Good Day to Go Crazy season 2 or chapter 60

however fans are still expecting season 2 of this Manga series, but to my own opinion they will not be in season 2 or chapter 60 as the series ended in chapter 59.

A Good Day to Go Crazy short Recap And Review

Since I’ve been reading manhwa, A Good Day to Go Crazy is the best one I’ve ever read. It provides a great deal of information beyond the love scenes, including what it is like to have abandonment issues as a result of childhood trauma, to be in the spotlight, and to cope with undesirable individuals.

The tale had an interesting flow, the characters were well-executed, and even though the art isn’t all that great, you wouldn’t care!

This manhwa is an excellent read with 56 chapters, so if you’re looking for something to read for an hour or two, choose this one. That is, if you’re open to reading any gay manga that exists.

Where To Read A Good Day to Go Crazy?

The series is available on Toomics and its official website for manga enthusiasts. Anime lovers may view this series on IMDB, Crunchyroll, or Netflix, depending on their taste. However, I do urge that you legally watch this series on Crunchyroll.

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This manhua is an extremely enjoyable read. The main character is weak, yet he gains strength via his knowledge of former incarnations. If you read this manhua, you should also watch the anime because some of the stories in the anime are not in this manhua.

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