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Admiral Ryokugyu is a user of the LOGIA Devil Fruit.

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Admiral Ryokugyu, Many people believe Admiral Ryokugyu carries a paramecia devil fruit that allows him to grow plants while using the energy of others. I disagree; I believe he possesses the Udo Uddo no Mi, or Wood-Wood fruit. His awakening enables him to grow additional plants.

Admiral Ryokugyu Devil Fruit

admiral ryokugyu devil fruit

In a full-body image of Ryokugyu using his devil fruit in Wano, his fingers resemble tree roots.

However, you may ask, why did Udon look so different? The answer is straightforward. The Awakening of the Devil Fruit demonstrates that a LOGIA user can have a lasting impact on the environment; just consider Punk Hazard.

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Everyone is aware that this is where Aokiji and Akainu fought for the rank of Fleet Admiral. Their conflict resulted in the creation of the central lake, the icy area, and the volcanic area, respectively. Examine the area created by Green Bull.

I think that the Uddo Uddo no Mi’s Awakening enables the user to utilize roots to absorb their opponent’s energy and release it as new plants via the Uddo Uddo no Mi’s Awakening. It would be worthless if they did not have some control over the plants, as we witness Green Bull flying in with a whirling bloom on his back.

In one of the panels of Chapter 1053, Ryokugyu is depicted sipping (probably rum) from a barrel in one of the panels. (and the rest of the Beast Pirates are there too).

admiral ryokugyu with his Devil fruit

Now we know that roots often absorb liquids through their roots, and Ryokugyu is drinking through its roots. You can also observe in the panel that the drinking root resembles wood far more than a vine, and that Ryokugyu’s entire hand has been transformed in a manner more akin to a logia than a paramecia (except for special paramecia that can transform unnatural things like mochi, but plants and trees are natural, so it doesn’t matter).

Thus, we have observed two effects of this devil fruit:

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Change the surroundings, ostensibly irreversibly, and let the user transform his body into a different substance.

Logias, as evidenced by the definition of a Logia Devil Fruit and what Akainu and Akoji did to Punk Hazard, are the only sorts of devil fruit we have ever witnessed performing this action; neither Paramecias nor Zoans.

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