After School Lessons for Unripe Apples Chapters 99 and 100 Release Date

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After School Lessons for Unripe Apples is a popular webtoon created by the Korean writer Soon Kki. The story revolves around two unlikely acquaintances who form a friendship through strange circumstances in a high school setting. The webtoon is updated every Sunday, and it has captured the hearts of many readers with its relatable characters, engaging storyline, and adorable interactions between the main characters. In this article, we will discuss the release date for chapters 99 and 100, as well as delve into the story, characters, and popularity of this webtoon.

Release Date for Chapters 99 and 100

Chapter 99 of After School Lessons for Unripe Apples is scheduled to be released on July 30th, while chapter 100 will be out on August 6th. To stay updated on the latest release dates, you can follow the webtoon on its official website.

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Story and Characters

The story follows Mi-ae, a normal middle school girl trying to survive school. She enjoys reading comics, listening to the pop group “The Fire Boys,” and singing karaoke. One day, a boy named Cheol, whom she met briefly years ago, transfers to her school and begins to stir up trouble. Despite her efforts to get to know him, Cheol seems unappreciative of Mi-ae’s attempts. The webtoon explores their evolving relationship and the challenges they face as they navigate their final year of middle school.

After School Lessons for Unripe Apples

The main characters of the webtoon are Mi-ae Hwang, a clumsy and hyperactive middle school student, and Cheol Kim, an athlete and transfer student with a mysterious past. Other characters include Honggyu Bae, Jinseop Mo, Jisu Seo, Johan, Jung-Wook Park, Song-I Han, Sora Jeon, and Yonghui Cha. These characters bring a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds to the story, making it engaging and relatable for readers.

Popularity and Reception

After School Lessons for Unripe Apples has received positive reviews from readers, with many praising its relatable characters, engaging storyline, and adorable interactions between Mi-ae and Cheol. The webtoon’s setting in the 1990s adds a nostalgic touch, which has been well-received by readers. Fans have also appreciated the clean, simple, and straightforward storytelling style, which contrasts with the more complex narratives found in some of Soon Kki’s other works.


In conclusion, After School Lessons for Unripe Apples is a captivating webtoon that has garnered a dedicated fanbase. With its relatable characters, engaging storyline, and nostalgic setting, it is no wonder that readers eagerly await the release of new chapters. As chapter 99 is set to be released on July 30th and chapter 100 on August 6th, fans can look forward to the continued development of Mi-ae and Cheol’s story in the upcoming updates.

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