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After Wano Arc Sanji Will Surpass Zoro In Terms Of Power Level

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It has being said that wano arc is the final saga after the original creator of One Piece, oda has announced on his official Twitter that Sanji will surpass Zoro in terms of power level.

9 Shadows in Toki's Prophecy | ...
9 Shadows in Toki's Prophecy | One Piece Theory | #shorts #youtubeshorts #onepiece

Eiichiro Oda declared that the manga would be on hiatus. While some fans may be disappointed by this announcement, a sizable portion of the fanbase supports the mangaka’s decision to take periodic breaks to focus on his health.

Oda said, let’s see if Sanji will surpass Roronoa Zoro in the final wano arc.

Fans from Facebook reply that why should this come to an end? I think sanji can’t surpass Zoro in any way.

Other fans reacted because you are a zoro fan. it would be best if you kept your mouth shut.

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