Anime Girl Hit: Terrible Scene In Anime You Should Watch

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There are many awful things happening in this video, but the most unsettling of all is how calmly the girl who was hit reacts to being launched through the air. This scene comes from Zombieland, an anime about teenagers and their struggles to understand themselves and overcome hardship through Terrible Driver. This scene doesn’t exactly capture that message. Instead, it shows how the Truck hit a girl while trying to cross a road. The show has some pretty dark moments, but this one stands out among them in terms of its brutality and total lack of empathy.

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A Girl hits By Terrible Driver?

anime girl hit

A scene from a romantic anime has been getting some heat for how violent it is. The video shows Yuki, a character in a love triangle in Zombieland saga!!, being hit by a truck after her boyfriend goes back to his ex-girlfriend. The scene isn’t new but has recently resurfaced online, and people are shocked by how dark it is.

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One minute later, she feels terrible about it

While we don’t condone hitting people, she definitely deserved it, and if she had done that in real life, she’d probably be facing a felony charge. When an anime girl hits someone on TV, it doesn’t really seem like such a big deal because we know it was scripted. But when an anime girl hit a person for real? That can get scary fast. What did happen to her after that? We’ll never know…except of course, by Anime Girl Hit a Truck Scene in Zombieland saga Series.

Name of the Anime where Truck Hit-Girl?

It has be said The anime tv show in which a girl is hit by a truck and then transferred to another realm is called Zombieland saga.


This article is about a particular scene in an anime series that has been causing a lot of controversy on social media. The scene is brutal, and many viewers have found it difficult to watch. However, others have argued that the scene is an important part of the Series and that it should not be censored. What did you think about this content? Why can’t you share it if you find it helpful?

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