Ashtarte Chapter 27: Spoiler, Review and Release Date

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Don’t miss my spoiler and review of Ashtarte manga series, Another story about a Family abusing or abandoning the Female Lead, leaving her to fend for herself with only one person by her side—that is, until she meets the Male Lead.

In summary, The Firenze Empire will be met with a new light and darkness, but the darkness will swallow the light and bring the empire to ruin.” In an imperial family praised for their silver locks, Princess Ashtarte’s unique black hair is immediately stigmatized as a bad omen. With her family shunning her for being the prophesied darkness, all Ashtarte wants is to be loved, and learning magic is her sole option to achieving that. One day, she stumbles upon a spell of destiny that teleports her to an unknown place. Waiting for her there is a boy in shackles named Abelion Elforman, who is anchored by a grim past of his own. Will these two be able to work together to bring light to their dark fates?

The art, “mwah,” “chef’s kiss,” is beautiful; I love it. The FL is sweet and adorable, just like a little rabbit you always want to hug and protect. The maid! I love the maid! She is ballsy and hilarious. She is the only one who cares about the FL genuinely, even going so far as to hate the imperial family and tell them to their face that they’re a shitfamily (not in those words). 


The family stinks; they really do. They listened to the bullshit prophecy of a bullshit corrupt priest and allowed fear to rule their pathetic lives instead of using their brains. But what can you do? Trash is trash. Slight spoiler: I’m just glad she doesn’t forgive them and goes to live with the ML.

Ashtarte Chapter 27: Release Date

Ashtarte Chapter 27 Will Be Released on or before 11th, December. Ashtarte Chapter 26 will also be released on December 4th and the most recent chapter, chapter 37, is scheduled to be released on or before December 11th. The Firenze Empire will be met with a new light and darkness, but the darkness will swallow the light and bring the empire to ruin. However, fans can read the series on tappytoon.

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