Athena Complex Season 2 Episode 44 Release Date 

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Athena Complex Season 2: Author I hope you’re doing well. Please be healthy and rest. I hope you come back soon; this is one of my favorite webtoons. This comic just had this vibe that I really found myself drawn to. I’m really glad that it came back after a lengthy hiatus. The art style change caught me a bit off guard at first, but I’m really enjoying the new art (the old was amazing as well). We have covered some details about the series, so read on.

In summary, Suffering from heartbreak after being rejected by Poseidon, goddess of wisdom Athena becomes human to seek revenge… but as a high school boy. There she plots to befriend Poseidon’s reincarnation, Adrian, who doesn’t have the slightest clue about the world of gods. But will her sweet vengeance be thwarted by other opposing forces, or will her own one-sided love hinder her plans?

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Let’s be real here, lads: Athena is so effing badass, and her being a God Titan (let’s leave AOT aside for a second) just makes the whole reading experience more enjoyable. I have to give props to the amazing artwork, like, bro, it’s so gorgeous and niche. However, I am not at all satisfied that it’s leaving a goddamn (no pun intended) cliffhanger like “WTF, MAN, WHERE’S S2 GONE?!?!?!?!”

I just like the fact all characters are all likeable, including Nike, Iolo, Ares, Apollo, Sibyl, Poseidon, and many others who randomly appear on this criminally underrated manga. If you’re into Greek mythology in an anime style version, this one’s for you boys and girls!

Athena Complex Season 2 Episode 44 Release Date 

There’s no official release date for Athena Complex at the moment since the original author is not feeling well and has been facing health issues for quite some time. Fans will be expecting the release date before the end of this month

Athena Complex

After reading the author’s tweet, which he dropped in December, I hope the author will take all the time needed to recover. There’s no rush; health is much more important. The fans will always be here for this story. I also hope the author is doing better now; that’s what’s most important! I love the art, the concept, and everything and will wait as long as needed for it to come back.

We advise some to wait diligently until they recover; nothing would be more joyous than the news of their recovery. Since today is Thanksgiving, I extend my thanks to all of you, the author, and everybody else! I know everyone has their own things they deal with, and I hope they’re going well or will in the near future! Much, much gratitude!

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