Attack on Titan Season 5: We’re Hoping For Next! The Recap and Release Date

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Attack on Titan Season 5: What’s going on guys today? I have some exciting news for you which is that the final season of Attack on Titan is now confirmed to have a second part. As of recording this video, the mid-season finale was just broadcast in Japan and it was immediately followed by an announcement that the next episode will be coming in winter 2022 when they say winter 2022.

So what they likely mean is November or December, which is around 2 months away; they do not mean November or December of 2023, because that’s nearly two years away, so uh yeah, it’s definitely not that, so most likely November or December, possibly January if they’re a little delayed, but yeah, that’s likely when it’s gon na come.

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With that many chapters left to go, it would be a crime not to have a part two, a movie, or something similar.

I thought that was because the trailer for the final season showed us To me, many things that haven’t appeared yet have always made sense that they would be adapting those things in some form. Otherwise, that would have meant they just put stuff in the trailers for no reason, which is just not cool. As many manga readers know, the second half of this season is probably going to be the best piece of attack on Titan we’ve ever seen. It’s going to be more epic than the first half for sure. And when it comes to the final arc, that’s not going to be easy to animate at all, but I hope the staff have sufficient time to do what they need to do.

And you know, maybe if the season is delayed by like a few months, I wouldn’t think that’s so bad because ultimately, you know, we want to see the best product and this final arc is just going to be so difficult to animate. So I really hope they just have enough time to let me know in the comments.

So let me know what you think of this news and be sure to subscribe to the channel for more attack on titan videos. I’ll be dropping my breakdown of episode 16 either on Monday or Tuesday evening, so until then have your notifications on so you don’t miss it and be sure to drop a like as it does support the channel until the next one. Peace out.

Attack On Titan Season 5 Release Date

Attack on titan season 5 release date Now that the fourth season of Attack on Titan has blasted onto our TV screens, anime fans are thinking about Attack on Titan season 5. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out what’s next The sequel was first announced at the conclusion of Attack on Titan season 4 episode 16. Part 2 of the season finale of Attack on Titan A trailer for the attack on Titan 76 was also made available on the official website. 

Attack on Titan Season 5

A new trailer reveals the precise release date for Attack on Titan season 5  part 1 on December 13, 2022 Season 5 of Attack on Titan will not be the anime’s final season.The Final Season is the title of the upcoming anime season, and when they mention the final season, they truly mean it is season 5 of Attack on Titans. Everything you need to know Attack on Titan is a well-known dark fantasy anime series from Japan.

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The television series has gained a lot of attention all throughout the world. Audiences and fans alike are looking forward to Attack on Titan season five of the series. Following the publication of season four, the fan base for the series was ecstatic About the new era, they want to know when Attack on Titan season 5 will be released as well as other details adult swimming airFor the first time, attack on Titan season 4 What can we anticipate from season 5 of Attack on Titans? The tale and attack on titan season 4 has been created gradually yet steadily by the end of the episode. Aaron has adopted a more volatile and antagonistic approach to protecting Parody Island and Armin and Mikasa, along with the other scouts, must deal with the aftermath. Hey guys, this is Gansham. 

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