Azure Night, Waltz of Rapture: Read These weekly Chapters and Recap 

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Azure Night, Waltz of Rapture is a horror novel by Korean author Yu-Anna. It tells the story of Seoyoon, an ordinary schoolgirl who is unexpectedly thrust into a dark, dangerous new world. After attending a piano recital one night, Seoyoon finds herself in a mysterious place filled with creatures born of sin. She meets Heewon, a superbia who informs her that she is food for these creatures. Seoyoon must attempt to escape the darkness that lurks under the cover of night, all while trying to survive in this sinister realm.

The novel paints a vivid picture of a terrifying world, full of vampires and incubi who feed on Seoyoon’s life force. As the story progresses, readers are taken on a journey of self-discovery, as Seoyoon learns more about her own strength and power. She ultimately finds a way to fight back against the evil forces, and discovers a newfound courage and resilience inside herself.

Where to Read Azure Night, Waltz of Rapture

Azure Night, Waltz of Rapture: Read These weekly Chapters and Recap 

Azure Night, Waltz of Rapture is a web comic that can be read online at the Lezhin Comics website. It is also available to read on other popular comic sites such as Tappytoon and Webtoons.

Who is the main character Of Azure Night, Waltz of Rapture

Seoyoon and Heewon are the main characters of Azure Night: The Waltz of Rapture. The two are childhood friends who are reunited after years of separation. Heewon is a passionate ballet dancer, while Seoyoon is a talented pianist. Together, they strive to deliver a perfect performance of the titular “Azure Night, Waltz of Rapture.”

Azure Night, Waltz of Rapture is a gripping and intense read that will haunt readers long after they turn the last page. Yu-Anna writing is both beautiful and chilling, 

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