Be Watched By My Ex Again: Recap, Review And where to Read

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Be Watched By My Ex Again: For this manga It’s been almost a week since the last update, and I’ve started crying while reading every chapter. It’s not even that sad, but it hurts from Yang Jiali’s perspective. Furthermore, I have covered everything you need to know and where to read this series, so keep reading.

After five years, Yang Jiali met his ex-boyfriend again when he was most embarrassed. The ex-boyfriend who spoiled him a few years ago is now tossing him to death. He wants to keep his music portfolio, and his ex-boyfriend buys the brokerage company to disband; he desperately uses resources, and his ex-boyfriend directly stirs pornography. Yang Jiali: Are you not planning to let me go?

Be Watched By My Ex Again Recap and Review

First off, the artwork for this manhwa is beautiful! Secondly, the male leads are essentially just simps. No lie. The romantic cheesiness gets repetitive, but the art makes up for that loss

Initially, this was going really well. I love seeing an ex trying to win back their man. However, as each chapter went on, I liked Ye Ting less and less. [When he made Yang Jiali sleep with him while he was VERY OBVIOUSLY distressed/depressed, it was like a point of no return and I could no longer root for them as a couple. I mean, how blind can you be, man? During Yang Jiali’s depression, my heart broke and I sobbed uncontrollably!!

 I was not expecting this manhua to be that deep. SHOUT OUT TO AH FU FOR BEING THE CUTEST LITTLE KITTY EVER!(& who unfortunately fades into the background at some point, lol) I did read a huge chunk of the manhua and skimmed through the entire novel/extras. I’ve got to say the side couples really shine here! 

1) Li Da and Wang Yang; didn’t see it coming but are totally on board with it. They are so freakin’ sweet! and their son as well!Too much cuteness, ugh.

Be Watched By My Ex Again

2) Lan Tian and Ruan Yangting; they deserved their own story, and I was dying to find out more about them!!

3) Zhao Xianghai and Xiao Ye, marriage on the rocks, was interesting. There is a separate manhua for them but it has a different art style, so I’m not tempted to read it at the moment.

Where to Read Be Watched By My Ex Again

Well, the series is not on webtoons. However, I do recommend you check Mangahua, and once it’s added, I will update this post once again if the series has been added to Toomics or traptoon, so keep your eyes on STiG.

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