Benn Beckman is the strongest Yonko commander

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This is another theory that Beckman was one of the strongest Yonko commanders in one piece. In my previous post, I have written everything about Shanks’s real age and personality. It would be nice if you could check it out. Back to Benn, many fans have been asking, “How strong is Benn Beckman?” I laughed when I saw the question and decided to write this post to cover the answer as soon as possible. In a nutshell, Benn Beckman is a very strong character, as Oda one piece creator, has stated in the previous interview.

Beckman possesses, according to Oda, the highest IQ of all the characters introduced in the East Blue story. Over the course of his travels, he has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge and has a highly developed intellect and exceptional reasoning skills.

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When the Red Hair Pirates came to Marineford to end the battle, Beckman was able to climb a Marine ship’s mast while pointing his flintlock at Kizaru without the latter’s knowledge.

Admiral Kizaru decided not to fight him, despite having just fought the First Commander of Whitebeard’s crew and Whitebeard himself.

Benn Beckman is almost as strong as Shanks, according to the One Piece: Vivre Card Databook.

Benn’s card indicates that he possesses exceptional physical combat prowess. Even the most powerful warriors in the New World fear this guy, as his existence is compared to that of Red Hair.

How strong is Benn Beckman?

Benn Beckman

Benn Beckman is highly anticipated by numerous one-piece admirers. People frequently regard him as the most powerful Yonko commander.

The databook confirms that Benn Beckman is nearly as strong as Shanks.

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