Berserk Chapter 370: Gut Final Fight! The plot, the release date, and every detail

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Berserk Chapter 370, the legendary dark fantasy manga from the late Kentaro Miura, will finally come to an end for U.S. readers. Chapter 370, the final installment Miura finished before his untimely passing last summer, is set for a November release date.

According to Dark Horse, Berserk’s U.S. publisher, the final volume of Berserk will arrive in November, almost a year after its release in Japan and an astonishing 33 years since it began in 1989.

Berserk is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. Set in a medieval Europe-inspired dark fantasy world, the story centers on the characters of Guts, a lone swordsman, and Griffith, the leader of a mercenary band called the “Band of the Hawk”.

Berserk Chapter 369: What Will Happen Next?

Manga fans will know that some time before the debut of a new chapter, spoilers tend to roam the Internet. In this section, we are going to redirect you to the source of these spoilers so you can – at your own disposal – check them out for yourselves.

The plot of Berserk Chapter 369 is not known at this moment. This is why we are going to bring you a short recap of Chapter 364, the most recent one published, so you know what happened before:

As Guts watches Casca from outside the house he and his group are staying in, he notices that the Moonlight Boy, who has already visited them numerous times, has appeared before him. So Guts decides to take him to his partner, who, to everyone’s surprise, manages to remember him. Casca and the little boy would spend the whole day together until nightfall, and on that same night, the secret that the boy kept with him is revealed.

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Previous Chapter Synopsis & Plot

He is a lone warrior who was born from a hanged corpse and raised as a mercenary by his abusive adoptive father, Gambino. As a child, Guts is trained by Gambino with adult-sized broadswords, causing him to develop a preference for large two-handed swords as he grows. One night, Gambino stumbles into Guts’ tent armed and drunk, forcing Guts to kill him in self-defense, resulting in Guts fleeing his mercenary group and becoming a wandering sellsword. His fearsome reputation catches the attention of Griffith, the charismatic leader of a mercenary group known as the Band of the Hawk. After defeating him in battle, Griffith forces Guts to join the group, with Guts becoming his best fighter as their band is hired by the kingdom of Midland during its century-long war against the Chuder Empire. Guts later learns of Griffith’s desire to rule a kingdom of his own and his mysterious pendant known as a Behelit, which is instrumental when they are spared by Nosferatu Zodd, a monstrous immortal who leaves Guts with a cryptic warning of a painful demise for being Griffith’s friend.

Berserk Chapter 370

As Griffith begins to mingle with Midland nobility and acquaint himself with the king’s daughter Charlotte, Guts begins developing feelings for his fellow commander, Casca, the Hawks’ only female member. But when Guts overhears Griffith confessing to Charlotte that he considers someone with their own dream a friend, Guts decides to leave the group once Midland has won its war. But Guts’s sudden departure causes an emotionally distraught Griffith to seduce Charlotte, resulting in his arrest and torture while the Hawks are branded criminals by the Midland army. Guts spends the next year training to become a better swordsman, but is warned by a mysterious being he names “the Skull Knight” that his actions have instigated an “Eclipse”. Guts learns of the Hawks’ predicament and rejoins them to rescue Griffith while consummating his feelings for Casca.

The group soon ends up at a crossroads upon learning Griffith has become disabled and mute after a year of intense and continuous torture. While making for Midland’s borders, Griffith regains his Behelit at his moment of despair over his condition during a solar eclipse. The item transports the Hawks to another dimension where they encounter four archdemons collectively known as the “Godhand”, who have gathered for an event known as the Eclipse, where Griffith will sacrifice his comrades to transcend his humanity as the Godhand’s fifth member. Griffith willingly accepts, once reminded of the ambitious man he has always been, with the Hawks branded with a demonic sigil and slaughtered by the Godhand’s Apostles — humans like Zodd who sacrificed their loved ones and humanity for power. Only Guts and Casca survive while Griffith is reborn as the Godhand’s fifth and final member, Femto, raping Casca in front of Guts, who loses his right eye and left forearm in his attempt to save her before they are rescued by the Skull Knight. However, the ordeal traumatizes Casca, causing her to regress to a childlike state. The Skull Knight teaches Guts that their “Brands of Sacrifice” leave them open to being preyed upon by supernatural beings on a nightly basis. Casca is left in the care of the blacksmith Godo, his adoptive daughter Erica, and Rickert, the youngest member of the Band of the Hawk who survived by not being present at the Eclipse. With a new giant sword made by Godo called Dragonslayer and a prosthetic left arm with a built-in cannon and crossbow, Guts begins hunting down Apostles in search of revenge on Griffith. During this time, Guts is followed by his unborn child with Casca, deformed into a demonic phantom as a result of Femto’s rape (dubbed the Demon Child).

Later, following a dramatic battle with a supernatural island-sized monster known as the Sea God and recruiting one of the islanders, a merrow girl called Isma, Guts’ party reaches Elfhelm. The elf ruler, Danann, helps Farnese and Schierke travel into Casca’s mind and restore her to her former self. But despite her recovery, Casca is still traumatized from her ordeal, making it difficult to be around Guts without remembering the events of the Eclipse. Farnese and Schierke begin training with the other apprentice witches and wizards living on Skellig, the former taking an interest in the power to heal human souls to help Casca. At the same time, the Skull Knight tells Guts his journey is at an end before taking him to the creator of the Berserker Armour, teaching Guts about his own past with the God Hand. Meanwhile, after defeating an army of giants, Griffith participates in a council with the other nobles of Falconia before departing that evening. Guts is then met by the Moonlight Boy, a mysterious child-looking entity who had appeared before the group beforehand on their journey to Elfhelm. Danann detects no malice from the boy, and he is allowed to stay, forming a motherly bond with Casca. It is revealed that the Moonlight Boy is the Demon Child, who is able to take control of his shared body with Griffith when the moon is full. When the full moon wanes, Griffith resumes control of their shared body and is attacked by Guts until Zodd arrives to defend him. The arrival of the two incapacitates Casca and causes the ground beneath to erupt, unleashing a torrent of evil spirits and seemingly weakening Danann while Griffith carries the unconscious Casca away.

Berserk Chapter 370: Release Date

The official release date for Berserk Chapter 370 is November 6, 2022.

A tremendous influence on artists across media, particularly in video games, Berserk has inspired FromSoftware’s dark fantasy games, from Dark Souls to Elden Ring, alongside Final Fantasy VII. The story of Guts, a former mercenary-turned-demon-slayer out for revenge as the world goes to hell around him, has been partially adapted into anime multiple times, the most recent outing being a disappointing hybrid of traditional and computer animation, in 2017. Berserk chapter 670 will be available in comics shops Nov. 9, and in bookstores Nov. 22, 2022.

How many volumes of berserk are there?

How many volumes of berserk are there? Well, there are currently 369 chapters at the moment. A total of 368 chapters have been released in Japan. The individual chapters are collected by Hakusensha in a series of tankbon volumes.

Where to Read Berserk?

The only place to regularly read Berserk is on the official Mangago Comics website or Dark Horse comics, which provide the most recent chapters in English. The American chapters of Berserk are released after the Japanese originals since Mangago Comics is the official American publisher of the manga series. Although you also have access to a ton of other series, a Mangago Comics subscription is advantageous because the chapters are updated frequently.

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