berserk Chapter 372; Here’s the thing that happene! Spoiler

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berserk 372 A new leak shows Casca attacking a soldier; this chapter can’t come any faster. After the release date for chapter 372, fans have been asking for spoilers and what happened, so we decided to write an article about it. Read on to find out.

This was the best chapter the team’s done so far. I’m so glad to see they’ve moved up to doing full length chapters and that their art’s improved so much. The panelling around Casca cutting off that soldier’s arm was especially strong- great sense of buildup and impact.

Plot-wise, it looks like Griffith has Casca under a sort of spell that suppresses who she is- based on some of Miura’s commentary before he passed I think she’ll have to fully reckon with the reality of the eclipse to be able to escape from that spell. She clearly subconsciously knows given her tears in her trance when she sees the new BOTH. Definitely looking forwards to how her facing this is handled.

Zodd’s reaction to hearing of Casca’s treatment is also interesting; he’s shown feeling ambivalent. Obviously he has some idea of who Casca is to Griffith and Guts, and he might feel that Griffith’s treatment of her clashes with his sense of honor.

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I wonder what Griffith will be looking for in the east- he might be after the hidden Bakiraka village that Silat took Rickert to, given that that would be one of the last areas of human civilization not under his rule.

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This chapter definitely was a step up from the earlier ones in terms of art and the plot- while obviously it’s nowhere near Miura’s level it’s great to see the team consistently improving

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