Berserk Chapter 374 Released Date: Here’s What We Know

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Berserk, the dark fantasy manga series created by Kentaro Miura, has captivated fans for decades with its gripping story and unforgettable characters. As the series progresses, readers eagerly anticipate the release of each new chapter. However, the release schedule has been irregular, especially since Miura’s passing in 2021. With the recent completion of Chapter 373, fans are now looking forward to Chapter 374. So, what do we know about its release date?

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The Current State of Berserk

Following Miura’s death, Mori Kouji and his team have taken over the series, working diligently to ensure that the masterpiece is completed. With each passing chapter, the team has shown improvement, with Chapter 372 being their best work to date. As the story unfolds, Guts’ main mission of restoring Casca’s mind has been accomplished, leaving fans wondering what direction the story will take next.

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Release Date for Berserk Chapter 374

Berserk 374, it will be released on Japan Standard Time: 10 pm on Saturday or Sunday, June 25, 2023 · Central European Time: 5 am on Sunday. At the end of each chapter since Mori Kouji took over, the team has provided a release date for the next installment. However, there was no release date mentioned at the end of Chapter 373. This absence of a release date has left fans speculating about when they can expect Chapter 374. Based on the information available, there is no fixed release date for Berserk Chapter 374 at the moment. The team behind the series may be assessing their progress and planning their next steps before announcing a release date. Fans will have to remain patient and keep an eye out for updates in the coming weeks.

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In Conclusion

While the wait for Berserk Chapter 374 continues, fans can rest assured that the series is in good hands with Mori Kouji and his team. As they work to honor Miura’s legacy and bring the story to its conclusion, readers can look forward to more thrilling chapters in the future. Stay tuned for updates on the release date of Chapter 374, and in the meantime, enjoy re-reading previous chapters and discussing theories with fellow fans.

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