Berserk Chapter 380: The Theory Recap! Release Date

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This is my short theory for the next Berserk chapter, 380. Even though this chapter was short, there were not one but two amazing reveals, and we got to see a brief glimpse of how the Skull Knight lost his humanity.

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New (old) members of the god hand: All of them except Big Baddie Void appear at the very least in different forms if not a completely new (new for us, old in-universe) set of fingers on the god hand. It appears someone with a skull helmet had an interesting playdate with four of them and put the God Hand HR department to work.

This is one of the biggest reveals I have made so far, and for fans who don’t know much about this series, they can read the previous Berserk chapter as well and wait for the next chapter.

This lady right here—she kind of resembles a certain elven witch queen, but I’m 70% sure she is not Danann. She is also sporting a sacrifice brand. This next panel heavily implies she dies, so that rules out Flora too.

Berserk chapter 373

What is in store for the next chapter? Well, good old Skull Knight has some heavy explaining to do about his lady friend, what is the deal with the old God Handers, the real backstory behind his conflict with Void, and maybe we even get to hear from his empty skull the confirmation of the Gaiseric King theory.

After the explaining is done, like I’ve said in previous answers, a power-up is due for Guts, probably training by the Skull Knight or, at the very least, a permanent team-up aiming to attack the God Hand.

berserk chapter 380: Release Date

berserk 380

The release date for Berserk chapter 380 is yet to be revealed, and furthermore, the series is currently working on two things at a time, which means once the episode is released following the chapter 379.1, Then Berserk chapter 380 will be released afterward, so for now I will say it will be released before June, 2023. Remember to visit Stig again so you can read berserk 380, berserk 381 anime and manga news daily.

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