Berserk Ending Prediction: Here’s What We Know

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This article is for people searching for or wanting to know: Berserk ending chapters; Berserk ending predictions. So if you are one of those searchers, here is what we know, and we have explained everything, so read on to find out what the ending of Berserk is going to be.

The epic dark fantasy manga, Berserk, has captivated readers for over three decades. With the tragic passing of its creator, Kentaro Miura, fans have been left wondering how the story will ultimately conclude. In one of his latest interviews, Miura shared that Berserk was currently 60 to 80% done. This implies that around 150 more chapters were supposed to happen, potentially introducing a whole new arc, the first real fight between Guts and Griffith post-Eclipse, and the ultimate confrontation with the God Hand.

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The Current State of Berserk ending Explained

Following Miura’s death, his best friend and fellow mangaka, Kouji Mori, has taken over as the director of the series. With the recent release of two new Berserk chapters, fans have been speculating on Reddit about how the story might end. Some predict an “Avengers-type” ending, where armies of mystical creatures come to aid Guts and his squad in overthrowing Falconia and restoring the world to normal. Others foresee a darker outcome, with Guts losing control in his Berserk armor and accidentally killing Casca.

Unresolved Plot Threads

There are several unresolved plot threads that fans hope will be addressed in the upcoming chapters. These include the Brand of Sacrifice on Guts and Casca, Casca’s inability to look at Guts without invoking her past trauma, the mystery of the Skull Knight, and the looming threat of the God Hand. The future of Berserk promises to be rich with action, drama, and heartfelt moments, as long as Studio Gaga and Kouji Mori can successfully wrap up these loose plot threads and relay the rest of the story.

Berserk Ending Prediction: Here's What We Know

A Hauntingly Beautiful Ending?

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the conclusion of Berserk, the posthumous release of chapter 364 promises hope in a world full of suffering. The chapter depicts the series’ most prominent and beloved characters in a hopeful light after hundreds of chapters of perpetual suffering. This could be an indication that the ending of Berserk might be hauntingly beautiful and provide a sense of closure for the fans who have been following the story for years.

What Are Some Popular Fan Theories About the Berserk ending?

Some popular fan theories about the Berserk ending include:

  • Guts vs. Griffith and the Godhand still around: This theory suggests that Berserk would end with the Godhand still in existence, as the story has always been primarily focused on the conflict between Guts and Griffith.
  • Guts’ final use of the Berserker armor: According to this theory, Guts would enter the Berserker armor fully for the last time, as Schierke and the rest of the party would be separated from him. This could lead to two possible outcomes: Guts does not survive, either dying from the pain or being killed in battle; or Guts survives, but the story shifts focus to other characters hunting down the remaining God Hand members. 
  • Not everyone in Guts’ party survives: Given Berserk’s high body count and limited plot armor, this theory posits that not all of Guts’ companions will make it out alive.

Berserk Possible Continuous And Ending Chapters Predictions?

What makes the Berserk series even more special is that Miura wrote the ending before his untimely passing in May. Fans have been speculating over what the ending will be, and now it looks like we might be getting a glimpse of it as soon as September, when Volume 42 is released.

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So far, the chapters that will most likely make up the Berserk ending have already been released. With the series set to be around 60-80% complete, fans are still in the dark as to what the actual ending will be.

Regardless, the Berserk ending is sure to be an exciting and emotional one. With Miura’s last work still being a mystery, fans are eager to get their hands on the final volume and find out what awaits them.

In conclusion, while the exact ending of Berserk remains uncertain, fans can look forward to a thrilling and emotional journey as the story unfolds. With Kouji Mori at the helm and the support of Studio Gaga, the legacy of Kentaro Miura’s masterpiece will continue to captivate readers and provide a fitting conclusion to this epic tale. And do remember to follow Us on Facebook StiG.

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