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Billionaire pretends he’s paralyzed to find true love

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Billionaire pretends he’s paralyzed to find true love, a wealthy man going to Street; an act he is poor and paralyzes anime video. It is a story of a young wealthy billionaire who went to Street pretending he is paralyzed to find true love.

[Trailer] Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crus...
[Trailer] Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?

The story starts with Mr macaroni, the founder of Stigtoons; he was about to go out with his mindset, so this happened. Her parents advise him to use these new techniques to find true love, but he ends up finding a gold digger instead.

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As a result, we went into the mining to figure out if there is an option for a lady or a man to love to the paralyze without having their lining.

I am trying to say; this is a life-changing, I repeated. A life-changing story is fundamental if you watch this video.

I am telling the truth and a story is straightforward to understand; you can check the video below to see more and read more detail on

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