BJ Alex Season 2: Will There Be a Chapter 97? Review & Release Date

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The second season of the popular web series BJ Alex has recently released the first episodes of its new season, but the show’s passionate viewers are already dying to know one thing: Will there be more? Though no official announcement has been made, the show’s producers say that they plan to continue BJ Alex, providing us with further episodes as they come up with them.

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Every night at 10, Dong-gyun locks himself up in his room and watches a streamer named Alex. One night, Dong-gyun downs too many drinks at a school networking event and passes out. When he wakes up, he’s in bed staring up at a shirtless hunk. A hunk who looks an awful lot like…Alex.

BJ Alex Season 2: Will There Be a Chapter 97? Review & Release Date

It’s been more than one years since the season finale of BJ Alex. We’re still waiting for news on whether or not we’ll see a second season, but in the meantime, we’re recapping all of the episodes so far!

What Happened in Season 1? And Review Of All The Chapters

I’m kind of shocked to see so many Fujioshis say it’s romanticized rape, but to be honest, after reading it all, I don’t see it. It’s definitely a toxic relationship between Alex and Dong Gyun, but not rape.The story is about a guy named Nam Dong-Gyun who falls in love with Ahn Jiwon (Alex), a BJ (broadcast jocker; that’s basically a streamer) who just so happens to go to the same college as him. Dong Gyun finds out who is behind the mask, and they agree to have a one-night stand, so Dong Gyun doesn’t tell anyone Alex’s secret. 

It was a weird agreement, but it was Alex’s idea, and he sees it as an opportunity to talk about their night (which he thinks will be a flop) in his stream. He was right, it was kind of bad (they barely did anything because they were drunk), but Alex feels unable to get hard without Dong Gyun, and that’s basically the reason they start their relationship. Most of the drama is quite forced and frustrating. For some reason, the characters seem unable to even talk properly and have a dialog without either getting the wrong idea out of it or simply arguing about it, with Dong Gyun usually being the most affected for being overall a pushover and wanting to be Alex’s boyfriend. 

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As I said, there is a lot of toxicity in their relationship, sometimes quite romanticized, but not in a “love you to death” kind of way or an “I can’t help but bully the ones I love” kind of way, but more like an exaggerated tsundere way. Alex doesn’t want to care about Dong Gyun, but he can’t help it (of course, he doesn’t realize it very soon), and having Dong Gyun submit to anything he says, afraid Alex will just disappear, makes him feel like he can basically do anything to Dong Gyun since he will end up agreeing in the end. After all of that, they break up, and that’s kind of what ruins it for me (in a sense). 

They break up, but rekindle very soon after, and in the weirdest way possible. I mean, it is a growth moment for Alex, but my god, he makes it so weird. It’s done on purpose, like “he doesn’t know how to express his feelings,” but it only gives the impression that actually he has not grown at all.

[Spoiler] cliched, but effective. I mean, it’s a cliché for a reason. It works perfectly! Dong Gyun is not only afraid Alex, his favorite streamer, will leave him, but also afraid of the fact that Alex, the person who knows him best and for whom he has very strong feelings, might hate him. Dong Gyun keeps himself from ever truly knowing someone because he was isolated from his friends when they found out he was gay. So having someone else with whom he can be himself and still be loved romantically and s3xually is very important for him. It makes sense that he is being such a pushover. As for Alex, he was constantly compared to his perfect brother and never truly seen by anyone; the only time someone went to stay with him was because of Dong Gyun. He has had a boyfriend once, but it turns out even that guy only wanted to get closer to his brother, so having Dong actually like him for him is something completely new to Alex. I’ll be honest, I don’t think he is justified. I mean, he is pretty awful for most of the story, but he himself seems to realize it by the end, like, he actually sits and thinks for a moment and comes to the conclusion “I fucked up really bad” for himself and tries to get back with Dong Gyun by being a better person. 

I still think they should have spent more time apart or had more dialog before getting back together like that, but I still liked how his situation with not believing anyone could love him was handled. After all of that, the manhwa spends the rest of the chapters as a cute slice of life.

BJ Alex Season 2: Will There Be a Chapter 97? Review & Release Date

It was quite cliche and frustrating at times, but the art style is beautiful and the characters are three-dimensional. I don’t think it is for everyone, but it is overall pretty great. If you’re interested in something kind of problematic that turns romantic and good in the end, that’s definitely it. drama, a lot of drama.

BJ Alex Season 2: Will There Be a Chapter 97?

Many people are asking if there will be a Chapter 97 of BJ Alex. To answer this question, I have to say that there will not be any season 2 or Chapter 97 at the moment. With that being said, the series is still in production and we may see another season in the future. I’m sure you’re wondering why there won’t be any episodes or new chapters released anytime soon. Well, the main reason for this is because the show needs to find their audience. However, you can read this series on lezhinus or Their official comic site, if you fine this post helpful remember to share with your friends.

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