Boku to Misaki Sensei Episode 1: Season 2! Review and Every Details

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Boku to Misaki Sensei Episode 1: Kazama-kun, who is a student, confesses his love to his teacher, an attractive woman with large breasts on her body. For fans of the h-name, the anime is quite interesting. 

To my Overall, the film highlights the repetitiveness of  school boy yuu struggling and later show interest. and those particulars that help hammer home the themes and ideas being expressed through Yuu in the series. With all the new characters introduced, I’m shocked to say that it’s actually Misato who stole the show this movie and delivered some of the script’s most riveting themes and scenes. 

Boku to Misaki Sensei Episode 1 Reviews

The animation is definitely top tier. It is very fluid and expressive. I thought the h-scenes were too short for my taste. I’ve looked into Takami Akio and was surprised. This guy’s character designed Kanokon, Ladies versus Butlers!, Maken-ki!, Upotte and more. No wonder the designs looked familiar. Yes, it looked fantastic. The teacher was beautiful. The second scenes were a bit weak though.

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Takami akio is making h*ntai? He should make more!Her body was so voluptuous, her outrageous breasts jiggling at the slightest movement.

Boku to Misaki Sensei Episode 1

Body expression was highly expressive and there was such fluidity of movement. and had a lovely ass jiggle as well as a noticeable jiggle of the thighs

So good at conveying the softness and elasticity! There was some ass throb in the credits, which I would have liked to see in the scene though.

And she was much loved for her wonderful motherly feeling and gentleness, especially when paired up with little kids. It’s understandable given the way he smothers himself into her.Yet she is quite slutty beyond her body to be doing the perverted plays with Shota, inviting him in for the first time and playing outside!

The boy got quite dangerous there with the sadism. It’s good to see that she pulled him back from that. It would probably not have ended well. But it was good that he slapped the ass for more jiggle.

Well, she said Nakadashi was no good, but even if she said that, she squeezed him harder, only making it harder to pull out, so it can’t be helped.

Boku to Misaki Sensei Characters

The series has two main characters, one student and one female teacher.

  • Kazama Yuu
  • Misaki Su

Will The be Season 2

No, they wouldn’t be any new season, however the last interview with the creator started that he will create new series which will look similar to this anime but with different title. Did you want to be part of the new series? If you serious love boku to Misaki Sensei then you will definitely be interested on the new series and I would recommend you to keep your eyes on stig from time to time so that when the series is released you would notify about it.

Boku to Misaki Sensei Released Date

The first and the last episode of boku anime series was released on 25 April 2017 and since it released it has gained popularity but the series only have one episode which is considered short to some h-anime fans however the series look similar to Harem Cult and Overflow create by different animators.

Where to watch boku to misaki sensei

Fans have been asking this question repeatedly and I decided to cover it up on this article. I would personally recommend you to watch the series on Hanime or other alternatives website such as crunchyroll one of the most popular anime site that offer free and paid service to it fans. However I would like to end my write up here and I do recommend you to always visit stig for accurate anime and manga update for time to time.

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