Born as the Second Daughter: Is the manga Worth Reading? Recaps of all available Chapters

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I was able to find the first few chapters of Born as the Second Daughter manga, and I wanted to share my opinions with you on whether this could be something worth reading or not. The series currently has 23 chapters that are still being published in Tappytoon, and in this article I will tell you about what I’ve read so far as well as give you links to read the entire manga online, if you want to get started reading it too!

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Selene was fortunate to be born to her beloved mother not just once, but twice. And now that her single mother has died in her second life, Selene must face the world as an orphan… or so she thought. Before she knows it, she’s swept up by a handsome stranger who turns out to be her father and the nation’s emperor! Not only that, but she discovers she has three older brothers who absolutely adore her. Going from the slums to the imperial palace overnight isn’t easy, however, and Selene must navigate her family dynamics, the rules of the palace, and the unbearable loneliness of missing her mother. Moreover, Selene begins to realize that there’s a hidden reason why she remembers her past life so well. Will Selene be able to find closure from her past and finally mend the hole that her mother’s death left in her heart?

Born as the Second Daughter

The story centers around the life of a girl who is born as the second daughter in her family. She is constantly reminded by her mother, who is also her aunt, that she was not supposed to be the last born and later, she became an orphan after losing her mother. The story revolves around her feelings and thoughts on this sentiment.

Chapter 1 To 23 Recap

Selene was fortunate to be born to her beloved mother not just once, but twice. Selene’s twin sister, Eurydice, had always been jealous of her for being born first and before she could even talk she was telling everyone that Selene was better than her. While Eurydice may have been jealous and spiteful, Selene loved her sister and would do anything to protect her. Sadly, this love wouldn’t last long after their father murdered Selene and told their mother that it was an accident.

Born as the Second Daughter: Is the manga Worth Reading?

Yes, the manga is worth reading! The story starts off with two female characters, one who was born first and the other who was born last. They are both very close in age and live together in their family’s country home with their parents. As they grow older they realize that their parents have been making a lot of sacrifices to make sure that they have a good life and it is time for them to repay them by taking over the duties at home. One day when the younger sister is working on her embroidery, the older sister comes in with her violin to practice for a concert she will be performing later on. She talks about how hard it is for her because she doesn’t know how long she has left before she has to leave home like their mother did.

Born as the Second Daughter: Is the manga Worth Reading? Recaps of all available Chapters

I really like how in each chapter we are able to see where their relationship is going and get a better understanding of what makes them who they are. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would end up enjoying it, but that isn’t true at all. The dialogue is written very well, and even though there isn’t too much action or movement to it, it still has a lot going on and that’s what keeps me reading every new update! If you love slice-of-life anime and manga I definitely think you should try out Born as the Second Daughter. The first chapter was released in January 2022, with two additional chapters released throughout November. And Fans can read it on tappytoon.


All in all, Born as the Second Daughter is a great read. With its beautiful art and captivating storyline, it’s definitely worth reading. The only downside is that it might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for an emotional rollercoaster with a satisfying ending, then this manga is perfect for you.

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