Change Wife Season 2: Will they be a Chapter 90? Recap and Review

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Change Wife Season 2: While fans who love this series were worried and are willing to read the next chapter, the story has ended. Will this manga have chapter 90? Keep reading to find out if the series will come back for other chapters.

Recap of the story: Both Jin-hyuk and Se-young started dating when they were in medical school, which led to their eventual marriage and employment at the same hospital. However…

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Change Wife: Will there be a Season 2 or Chapter 90?

Will there be a Season 2 or Chapter 90? There absolutely will not be any new seasons or new chapters for this manga, as the original creator stated, “No more continues and the last chapter is 89. However, the creator is working on a new manga project which will be more interesting than this (change wife). Stay tuned, we’ll publish the release date once or before the project is finished.

Recap and Review

Authors are afraid of alone endings, but not of alienating their fan base by destroying any semblance of a story. I hate that most H-hwa MCs never face consequences for their actions. Which makes stories boring. Why isn’t there any karma for MCs? Too much plot armor is bad. Why can’t they understand that? Harem should come after MC overcomes the challenges, not automatically like it’s a given. How hard is it for authors to understand this? () Interestingly, I really liked the desire to kill’s ending, for example. Harem endings are boring but only in stories like this, which are a bit dark because you cannot expect a happy ending in dark stories because the plot is already f**ked up in dark stories, so we can understand if MC ends up alone or not with fmc. But if we talk about manhwas, which are only like fanservice, harem endings don’t bother. And some spoiler content.

Change Wife Season 2 or chapter 90

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The CEO went to jail, and his wife is like, “Man, I feel bad. So the author is like “f**k it. Let MC NTR him while he is locked up. MC’s wife, who was strong and had her own will at the start, is now broken and listens to what MC says because everything is somehow her fault. MC just now owns that illegal website that for some reason didn’t get taken down, so he just became king.

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