Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon, A most Read Manga Series With Review

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Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon: Hyuk Woon Sung is the sole disciple of Nok Yu On, the world’s strongest spearman and master of the Spear Master Sect. Under his mentorship, Hyuk Woon Sung reached the Transcendence Level and achieved great mastership of the spear.

Unfortunately, Hyuk Woon Sung and his master were framed for possession and studying of a manual of Demonic arts, one of the heaviest crimes for a martial artist of the Orthodox Faction. This ultimately led to a combined attack by several leaders of big Orthodox sects and the Martial Alliance leader himself – Jwa Do-Gyul. This attack resulted in the death of both master and disciple.

Hyuk Woon Sung died in the presence of the Spear Master Sect’s divine treasure, a mysterious artifact of unknown power, and found himself reborn as a disciple of Cult of Heavenly Demon. He swore to use his new life to avenge his fallen master and get to the person behind the framing.

After completing the gruelling and deadly training of the Cave of Latent Demons, Hyuk Woon Sung quickly rose in the ranks within the cult, aiming to seize control of it in order to use the cult’s resources to get his revenge. By his twenties, he had reached the rank

Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon Manhwa Summary

Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon

This webtoon tells the story of Hyuk Woon Seong, the successor of the Spear Master Sect, who was framed and killed by the Orthodox Sect. However, Woon Seong is revived as Number 900, a trainee of the Demonic Cult, and sets out to seek vengeance on those who wronged him. He trains in martial arts and works his way up the ranks of the Demonic Cult in order to take it over and punish the hypocrites of the Orthodox Sect. This webtoon is based on Il-hwang’s popular wuxia novel, Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon, and follows Woon Seong’s journey of revenge.

Overall,  How powerful and talented is the MC? I know the body he reincarnated into was trash; sadly, he doesn’t have the OP talent he had in his previous life, although I guess he could improve his body like other novels do. By the way, is there any romance in this?

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