Count Tachibana Chapter 20: Will Yonghyun help Sho escape? Release Date

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Count Tachibana’s twentieth chapter is finally here! In the nineteenth chapter, we saw Sho in a dire situation, trapped by his enemies and with no way to escape. Fans of the manga have been eagerly waiting to see if Yonghyun will come to his rescue. Now, with the release of Chapter 20, we can finally find out what happens! Will Yonghyun be able to help Sho? Read on to find out!

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Summary Of Previous Chapter

In the previous chapter, Yonghyun arrived at Count Tachibana’s residence and was taken on a tour of the grounds. While exploring, he discovers a hidden prison beneath the house and finds a young man locked inside – Sho. Yonghyun realizes that the Count has been using his prisoners as test subjects for experiments involving dark magic. As they speak, Sho warns Yonghyun to leave before the Count returns and promises to tell him the truth about what is going on if Yonghyun helps him escape. With this warning, the chapter ends.

Count Tachibana: Will Yonghyun help Sho escape?

Count Tachibana

The tension between Tachibana Sho and Yonghyun grows in this chapter as the story progresses. Yonghyun’s plan to help Sho escape is ambitious and risky. Will Yonghyun risk everything he has worked for to save Sho?

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Yonghyun is a complicated character, and his motivations are hard to decipher. He is clearly loyal to Sho and deeply cares for him. However, he is also a loyal servant to Count Tachibana and knows the consequences of helping Sho escape would be dire.

Yonghyun may think the consequences are worth it if Sho can be freed from his oppressive home. The Count may have done something to make Yonghyun indebted to him and now Yonghyun must pay back that debt or choose to free Sho.

The stakes are high for Yonghyun as he decides whether or not to help Sho. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice for Sho’s freedom, or will he play it safe and remain loyal to the Count? Find out in the next chapter of Count Tachibana!

Count Tachibana Chapter 20 Release date

Count Tachibana chapter 20 will be released on the last day of December. So, mark your calendars and be sure to keep an eye out for it! Be sure to check your favourite manga and comic book outlets as well as online sites for the latest updates. Human with their meddlesome ulterior motives and the giant mansion itself all present challenges to their idea. How will the two boys break free and what will they learn about each other…?

Stay tuned for more information on Count Tachibana chapter 20 in the coming weeks! Until then, happy reading!

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