Crazy Leveling System Chapter 47: Demon Beast! Release Date & Plot

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Leveling System is a Japanese manga that will be adapted into an anime soon. The story follows the adventures of the protagonist, Master Tian Yun, as he attempts to become the strongest fighter in the world. The manga is known for its unique approach to leveling up, which has been praised by fans of the genre.

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In the game of Dungeons and Dragons, there is a levelling system that is used to calculate the strength of a character. This system is called the “Crazy Leveling System,” and it is used to determine how strong a character is in terms of their ability to fight and kill other characters.

The system is based on a number of factors, including the character’s race, their class, their level, and their equipment. The higher the character’s level, the stronger they are. The same is true for their equipment; the higher the quality of their equipment, the stronger they are.

The Crazy Leveling System is a great way to keep track of a character’s progress and to see how they compare to other characters in the game. It is also a lot of fun to use, and it can help to create a more balanced life.

All Chapters Plot

As a gamer, the main character enters a strange fantasy world called Heavenly Palace. Heavenly Palace is full of gangs and sects, fantasy martial arts and magic weapons, foreign warcraft, and the strongest dragons, spirit monsters, and ghosts. However, no matter what sect, big family, young master, or empire prince, no matter how enchanting their talent or powerful their cultivation base, they can’t beat the main character’s Tian and Shi Xue.

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 47: What Will Happen Next?

Crazy Leveling System chapter 47

In Chapter 46-47, the palace lord blocks the way to Mount Yun, which was reported to the queen’s palace Shi Xue by his men. While they were on their way to Tian Palace, an unknown attacked the Tian family. Tian Yun was about to defend the demon beast to save the kingdom. Tian Yun’s power was so strong that he could control demons. He had been hunting demons his whole life.

dragon blood pill-Crazy Leveling System
Dragon blood pill

Her sister Shi Xue Yun was surprised at first after seeing the tian magic power secret. But after he killed the demon beast, he suddenly felt pain and then got shocked.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The Palace has nearly a thousand of disciples, most of whom are women. Each one was as beautiful as a flower. they is a clear rule in the heavenly palace that the current palace master can never marry or have a child. Master Tian’s mother broke the rules and ran away with the man after she gave birth to Tian Yun. 

Shi Xue Yun is the old sister of Tian Yun, Shi is the second strongest character in heavenly palace. In Chapter 1 of the series, Shi presents a gift to Tian, which is called the Dragon blood pill that contains a blood egg. 

Every strongest character in the heavenly palace passed through the grade system, and this grade is divided into nine: body refining stage, spirit refining stage, den condensation stage, spiritual dan stage, dan transformation stage, void spirit stage, spiritual king stage, Saint king stage, divine king stage. Those are the nine stages in which every strong character passes through.

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 47: Release Date

Leveling System Chapter 47 was released on June 28th, 2022. This is the latest chapter in the popular novel series, and fans have been eagerly awaiting its release. And from Chapter 50-100, they will be added once released.

This chapter is especially anticipated as it is rumored to contain a major plot twist that will change the course of the story. So mark your calendars and be sure to check out Crazy Leveling System Chapter 47 when it comes out!

Where to Read Crazy Leveling System?

The recommended sites to read this series are Fanfox, Crunchyrol, and Mangahua.

Crazy Leveling System Characters

The main characters of the Crazy Leveling System are:

Shi Xue Yun is the oldest sister to Tian Yun. Why Tian Yun was the Palace King is unknown. Each of those characters has details. Click on it to read more on stig wiki page.

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