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Crocodile One Piece Secret: The Reason Why He Hates Whitebeard

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Crocodile one piece did know Crocodile attempts to kill Whitebeard. As the person responsible for Crocodile suffering a humiliating defeat during his early days at the New World, he has held a grudge against Whitebeard ever since. In this blog post, we have explained everything you need to know.

Why Crocodile hates Whitebeard?

During the events of Alabasta, Crocodile was a Warlord and the rest of Baroque Works weren’t aware of who their leader was. Since he was already a Warlord, it’s likely Crocodile had a normal pirate crew before Baroque Works, and he earned his infamy with them.

He headed into the New World, challenged Whitebeard and was defeated. After that, like he did with Ace, Whitebeard offered Crocodile a spot on his crew, but Crocodile refused. However, fearing death, his crew accepted and Crocodile was left to escape on his own.

Crocodile One Piece Secret | The Reason Why He Hates Whitebeard

This would make Crocodile similar to Moria, since they both would have been left with a trauma after being beaten by a Yonko. Crocodile’s trauma is his lack of trust and Moria’s is his fear of losing comrades. Also, the current events make Crocodile and Moriah, the foil of each other.

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Crocodile got back again in his feet with his loyal friend, Bonez and managed to build one of the strongest crews in the world with Mihawk and Buggy, being recognized as a Yonko’s crew. Moriah never recovered from that trauma and lost his loyal friend, Absalom and was forced into joining the Blackbeard’s crew against his will (Or even a worse fate).

Crocodile developed his lack of trust after he was betrayed by his “original” crew after he was defeated by Whitebeard. This would explain why he doesn’t trust people, as well as his obsession with Whitebeard.

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