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Cutest Anime Characters With Roleplaying

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Cutest anime characters, Being cute is something you either have or you don’t. Many cute anime characters demand your attention whenever they’re on screen. Who are they, and what role do they play?

Most cute anime characters work tirelessly to improve their skill and strength, putting themselves through grueling training to surpass their limits and overcome any enemy. It’s a challenging task, but those who don’t give up experience exponential growth. And here are some cute anime characters you should know.

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Myuki Beifong (Myuki Beifong)

Name: Myuki Beifong
Age:190 (19 in human years)
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: River Elf
Role: High priestess
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Single

Description: Tan caramel skin with jet black hair that reached down to her thighs. Ocean blue eyes that glow an icy blue at night. She has silver markings that intertwine like vines making circles and moons all over her skin. She had thick gold plated bracelets on both her ankles. She has gold bracelets and bands on her wrists and arms. Has typically an orchid or a tiger lily in her hair. She also has crystals and metal rings with other stones that adorn her hair. River Elves are known for their shimmering skin and their natural smell being compared to a rainy summer night with hints of lily.

Background: Coming from a long line of high priestesses and chieftains, she is the youngest to ever become one. She became a high priestess at the age of 11 (110 years old) when she saved the village from a group of humans trying to take over. She used her powers to drown them out as she ripped the heart out of the captain, biting into it as she threw it back at them. She is cunning and daring, not to mention hard headed. She got her markings when she turned 13 (130 years old), officially marking her as the official priestess of the village. She is the only priestess to stay unmarried after receiving her markings. Her disdain for humans comes from watching them as well as helping them for them to attack her people. She snuck into a human encampment as a self enslaved person. She was waiting with a group of her strongest warriors as they waited for the humans to fall asleep. When they did, they slit every person’s throat for each elf the raped or killed. Finally setting her people free, she became well known throughout the land between humans and elf’s as either a hero or a villain.

Air Wisteria

Cutest Anime Characters

Name: Air Wisteria
Age: 23
Role: Emperor
Species: Celestial (partially awakened)
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 120 pounds
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde

Abilities :
•Time Magic
•Superior Perception and Senses
•Celestial partial transformation – his eyes become gold, and a mark appears in his forehead. It expands the area he can use his magic and reduces the mana cost. He is able to use cosmic energy
Nigitohara – a sword that amplifies the users attribute
Scheura – a book which allows him to store mana and reduces the mana cost when he casts a spell using it
Pocket Watch – his most prized possession, it contains one powerful spell
Adamantine Light Armor
Wings of Avalon – a metallic wing that is attached and hidden in the armor which allows him to fly
Likes: War, fighting, demi humans, schemes and women
Dislikes: Demons and Narcissist
Personality: Aloof, observant, sly, superiority complex and deceptive

Air was one of the High Kings in the Republic of Olympia. One night a comet hits him while he was in a fortress. The comet, filled with a decent residue of cosmic energy triggered and awakened his true form. He left the Republic that day and went to establish his own empire, the Order of Sentinels and Order of the Face followed him faithfully. He establishes his empire in the Northern Continent where orcs and humans who have tan skin are his loyal subjects. He is known as a terror to his enemies and rules his empire with order and an iron fist .

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Nymph (Nymph)

Name: Nymph
Age: ???
Role: Doctor/great healer
Species: Kitsune..angel
Height: 5’3
Weight: ??
Eye color:purple
Hair color: pink

Healing: Pretty basic, but she can heal those she wants to.
Spirit wings: she can use her mana abilities to create mystical wings that she can take flight with. Though she can only fly for 2 hours straight..

Blessing: she can bless curtain things..for example she can bless someone with really good fortune..or good health.

Wind dance: she uses the abilities of the wind..bending it as she look like a beautiful dancer..but a killer fighter
Weapons: staff..and tails

Personality: she’s a bubbly person trying to look for the bright side of things..

Backstory: improvised
Nymph was always the strange one of the liter having 7 siblings in total her being the 7th..her older siblings had died however in a terrible accident..her village and people slaughtered..and the person was never Nymph was able to travel to a different country to save herself.

Orisa (Orisa)

Name: Orisa..
Age: N/A
Species: demon
Height: 5’9
Weight: ???
Eye color: gold
Hair color: black

Abilities: she can fly with her wings, use dark magic, or even turn into animal.

Weapons: armor is black stainless obsidian. and her weapon is her magic

Likes: flying..feeling a flirt..
Dislikes: who knows..find out but don’t piss her off
Personality: a huge flirt..and a pervert but honestly just blunt

Backstory: Orisa was raised in a prison her entire life..her parents captured humans and tormented then so she started life out as a villain..but eventually on her own grew and found out her parents were really shitty people and she could be better. Now she fights..especially for the good things in life.

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Aoi Sasha Grimwolfs

Name: Aoi Sasha grimwolfs
Species :mix blood of powerful creatures
Height : 5’7
Eye color:Bluish-violet but eye color will change depending which species shes in like blood red eyes for vampire and etc.
Hair color :Red

Abilities : anything
weapons or armor : Anything but she is carrying a fighting knife with her all the time
Likes: nice and good people, cute things, and peace,but for her second personalities she likes to fight and kick shit’s ass and likes cool people as well
dislikes : bad and violent people
personality: can be anything, she has Million personalities.

Araragi Ai

Cutest Anime Characters

Name: Araragi Ai
Age: 29
Species: human
Weight: 70
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black

Abilities : realy good shoot, stealth magic

Weapons: long katana and revolver

Armor: trench coat, cow boy hat

Like: talking to new people, going where the wind takes him.

Dislikes: beeing told what to do, thing that remind him of his wife

Personality: he likes to solve conflict with words, always tries to keep away from his cripling depression and greef, and trying to find his plase in the world, and also likes to cosplay as cow boy

Backstory: somewon killed his wife who was a CEO of a very big carravan company, but she got very greedy over the years and changed, so they assassinated her so they could find someone who wasnt corrupt, after the araragi spent years chacing the man who killed his wife, he did it. Now he feels empty inside and doent whant any more violence.

Who Is The Cutest Anime Character?

the best cutest anime characters are Goku and Naruto.

Cutest Anime Characters
what anime character has the cutest smile

The Cutest Simile characters are Luffy and midorya.

what is the cutest anime character

This is an answer to the search query Goku and naruto are the cutest anime characters. At the moment any changes we’ll update the post at stig media.

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