Daedalus of the Crows, Read the recap, review, spoiler, and every detail

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Daedalus of the Crows is a thrilling manga series that follows the journey of a mysterious boy with a troubled past. In this series, the boy, Saku, is approached by a crow-like being who offers him a deal. He will be entered into a game with the other players, and only one of them will survive the game and have their wish granted.

The game itself is a labyrinth of the gods, filled with puzzles and dangerous creatures. Saku must use his wits and courage to make it through the game and claim his wish. Along the way, he meets other players, some of whom become allies, and some of whom are out to get him. The story of Daedalus of the Crows is a thrilling adventure of courage, strategy, and friendship. It’s a great series for fans of action-adventure stories, as well as those who like a little mystery and suspense. The art is gorgeous and the characters are likable and intriguing.

Manhwa Summary

A mysterious boy with a dark past seals a deal with an eldritch crow-like being and gets thrown into a mortal game. Only one will survive and see their wish granted. Will he make it to the end of the labyrinth of the gods?

Daedalus of the Crows Characters

The main characters and secondary characters will be updated later, as this series has only released a few chapters and only one character’s name has been revealed, which is Alator.

Daedalus of the Crows Review and Spoiler

Daedalus of the Crows is a dark fantasy manga written and illustrated by Shinbross and Marco. The manga follows a mysterious boy, known as Daedalus, who makes a deal with an eldritch crow-like being that throws him into a mortal game. The game is a labyrinth of the gods, where only one can survive and see their wish granted. Along the way, Daedalus meets a variety of characters, some of which are helpful and some of which are hostile. With every step, he learns more about the mysterious game and discovers secrets about himself as well. 

Daedalus of the Crows, Read the recap, review, spoiler, and every detail

Daedalus of the Crows is a gripping tale of mystery and adventure. The artwork is dark and atmospheric, perfectly capturing the mood of the story. The characters are unique and the plot is well-paced and intriguing. The scenes are intense and the story is full of suspense. 

The manga does a great job of building suspense and keeping readers guessing. It’s a great mix of action, mystery, and horror. The characters are interesting and the plot twists keep coming. There are plenty of cliffhangers and unexpected plot developments to keep readers wanting more. All in all, Daedalus of the Crows is a great manga series that combines an interesting story with beautiful art. If you’re looking for a manga that’s a bit different, this is one to check

Where to Read Daedalus of the Crows?

Like I said earlier, fans of the Daedalus of the Crows manga can read it online at the official website of its publisher, Webtoons. It will soon be available in print form from Amazon and other online retailers.

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