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Call Of The Night Episode 2: Every Details! Release Date

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Call Of The Night Episode 2 will be released next week. Based on the same manga by Kotoyama, “Yofukashi no Uta” is a romantic anime with some supernatural themes and some intriguing fantasy elements. Additionally, it appears weekly in Shonen Sunday. This narrative follows a young man who, disillusioned with his life, decides to drop out of high school and roam the streets at night. After meeting Nazuna Nanakusa, Ko Yamori finds the pleasures of nighttime strolling. In the meantime, Yamori discovers that Nanakusa is a vampire, yet he finds her appealing.


In the first episode, “1st Night: Night Flight,” we find that Nazuna Nanakusa’s character is one of those vampires that only prays on the weekends and has no guilt for being caught in a slip-up or white lie. It’s sweet how she reacts when he’s waiting for him to fall asleep; he claims that he’s a fantastic fake sleeper and he stood up and drank his blood, which she enjoyed; and when he wakes up and catches her, she says, “Oh, it was only a mosquito.” Episode 1 was intriguing, and fans eagerly await Episode 2.

Call of the Night Episode 1: Recap and Review

The first episode is intriguing; the direction in this episode stresses nighttime’s beauty to the main male character in a consistent manner. On his first trip out, he is severely punished for doing something he is forbidden to do, after which he sees some intoxicated people waiting for their bus to take them to bed with a cute girl, and then he flies into the sky. The intended meaning is that twilight brings out a different side of people. Why do individuals stay up late? Because the daytime did not satisfy them, their nightly escapades now commence. In this episode, character actions and motivations are not unduly complicated, yet they are simple enough to be engaging. Let the darkness take over the planet, and this is why the visual storytelling is so captivating, with numerous uses of colors and lighting effects that grab you before you hear the conversation.

As soon as the character stated that evening is superior to daytime, I knew the daytime visuals would fall short. They almost had two distinct styles in terms of lighting effects and hues, but once the blending began, it was seamless. I believe that those purples and pinks would go right in with any cyberpunk neon Tokyo-style animation; all you’d need is some gritty action to complete the look. There is something eerie about the color scheme and design of this artwork. However, goddamn do I want to see more, and then they sucker punch you with this usage of yellow and lighting to make everything stand out. This is a common technique used by anime companies when they don’t want to animate or just want to make things easier to use.

Call Of The Night episode 2, release date

Instead of having characters stand around talking, the setting will be shown. Sometimes they’ll concentrate on the swing set, and other times they’ll concentrate on the garbage can. Still, I enjoy the basic setting when the characters are not speaking. Instead of seeing the characters half the time, I’m more likely to notice their facial emotions, such as when they’re amused or agitated. Occasionally, characters engage in idle chatter, as if they were just hanging out. Having such a vibrant color palette, a well-drawn background, and an engaging environment makes it impossible to resist. Occasionally, there are broader shots, which are not meant to obscure the characters but rather to highlight what they are saying. Honestly, there are so many of the greatest background visuals I’ve seen in a long time that I won’t exaggerate and say it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen visually, but if I were to create a modern anime, this would be the best thing I’ve ever seen.

It does a terrific job of convincing us that we’re not simply following a vampire; she’s a cute vampire, so she’s speaking the truth; you’re witnessing the beauty of the night; and the fact that a drunken bus stop and going to bed are captivating is fantastic. This episode provided some insight into our main character and his somewhat artificial existence, as well as his attempts to fit in and his inability to accept the notion that he doesn’t comprehend love despite being asked out by a female. Finally, a group of people ask him what he’s doing, and you get a clear image of what drove him to live such a solitary existence and to now be essentially homeless and searching for a new place to call home.

Date of Release for Episode 2 of “Call of the Night”

Call of the Night Episode 2 is scheduled for release on Friday, July 15, 2022, at 1:10 AM (JST). The episode’s title has not yet been released.

Where Can I Watch Episode 2 of Call of the Night?

Fans can watch Episode 2 and Episode 1 of Call of the Night on Hidive or Netflix.

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