Disconnected from Reality: A Review of the Worth Reading Manga

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Disconnected from Reality: There are plenty of mangas that fall into the worth reading category, but what makes each one different from the other? This review will look at the Disconnected from Reality manga, which has all sorts of fantasy elements, such as time travel and magic powers. The lead character, Hyeseong, seems to be a normal guy until he wakes up in another world called The Wired where he meets people with special abilities like him!

What is the story about? And Review

Despite Hyeseong trying to act as natural as possible, her old habits are hard to break. Hee-jin is able to see through her disguise and she’s forced to confront her problem head on. The manga ends with Hyeseong finally looking towards a brighter future. She has been living in denial for so long, but now it seems that she might be on the path to recovery.

In review, the main character plays MMO games till late at night with his online friends. One day his friend goes to the washroom, leaving his mic open in discord. Suddenly, the main character hears a girl’s voice from his friend’s discord I’d who has just gone to the toilet.The girl tells the main character that she was kidnapped by that person who was playing games with you. And she wants him to help her. After a while, his friend returns to the Discord voice server, and the girl’s voice fades away.The main character thinks that something is wrong with that friend and tries to save her.

This manhwa is super good. It has good suspense and a main character who studies in high school. He also acts like a high school student shoulde and a main character who studies in high school. He also acts like a high school student should. The expressions of the characters in this manhwa are portrayed very well through the art. This story also has very good peak-level drama. Give this a try if you want a solid psychological manual.

What are the themes of the story?

Disconnected from Reality

in summary, Please help! I’ve been kidnapped by this man. Please call the police!” Just like any other night, Hyeseong spends his time playing games with an online friend, Nana. But when Nana goes AFK and accidentally leaves his mic on, Hyeseong hears the voice of a panicked girl crying for help, saying she’s been kidnapped. Once Nana gets back, he sounds suspicious of Hyeseong, even asking questions that sound like he’s trying to gauge Hyeseong’s reaction. Despite Hyeseong trying to act as natural as possible, Nana insists on meeting IRL.

Disconnected from Reality: Is the manga Worth Reading? Recaps and More

Yes, it worth reading, I highly recommend it. The manga is a refreshing breath of air for any fan that’s been reading manga for years. It’s also a great introduction to anime if you’ve never seen it before, as well as an intro to what life might be like in Japan. The story is cute and engaging. If you don’t want to read the whole thing in one sitting, there are chapters so it can be read little by little. and fans can read this series on webtoons.

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