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Dragon is Uranus? One Piece Theory

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We’re all aware that One Piece will be coming to an end soon, which means there will be plenty of big revelations!

We still don’t know much about the Ancient Weapons, and Uranus is the most enigmatic of them all because we don’t know anything about it except its name.

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In Greek mythology, Uranus is the sky-god, and Oda has a strong connection to mythology, so it’s reasonable to assume that this weapon has something to do with the sky.

OP Devil Fruits, such as Uranus, could give players the ability to control the weather and the wind. Is there anyone we know of who appears to have this power? Dragon, you’re absolutely correct.

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Is there a chance that Uranus could have the ability to create storms and hurricanes, if it was in fact a devil fruit? If so, Dragon would have eaten it. What makes him so sought-after, even without being a Yonko? He’s a living, breathing, and incredibly powerful ancient weapon like Shirahoshi!

What are your thoughts, guys?

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