Dreamland Adventure Chapter 178: Where to Read and Release Date

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Dreamland Adventure Chapter 178: I read Chapter 177 and it was amazing. I had the same thoughts as what I was expecting. On the other hand, the cover art is very misleading, but that doesn’t really mean the series is not interesting. If you are a fan of this manga series, I recommend that you continue reading this post to learn more about it. I really can’t wait for more chapters to be released.

The recap still remains the same; Howard, the lowly office employee, is stuck at the bottom of the corporate ladder until a chance encounter with the mimic dream system changes his life! Now he can access all the adventures he ever wanted: having adventures, fighting monsters, and living with his gorgeous but fierce boss! The mission, as always, is to be attractive but independent, bold but sensitive.

Previous Chapter Recap and Review

As a big fan of the original Dreamland Adventure manga, I’m often attracted to its multiple adaptations. To be honest, the vast majority are not all that impressive. I expected this one to not be so good as well, especially considering the low score and the negative reviews here on Stig. Boy, was I wrong. When it comes to the media, I’m not one to say things like “if you disliked (thing), it’s because you didn’t understand it,” but I can’t help but think that the reason so many people disliked The Dreamland Adventure was simply because it was so different from what they expected. 

It is a weird-looking movie, definitely something very different from 99% of manga. It can hardly be called manga. But enough introduction, let’s go to the short review. The story is about Alice, a girl who loves reading. She is suddenly called back to the Wonderland she had already visited before. However, Wonderland has changed. It was invaded by an entity called Darkness, and the White Rabbit called Alice back so she could become the Queen, defeat Darkness, and save Dreamland. 

It’s a very simple plot, but it’s enough. Here’s where this movie shines the brightest. The animation looks weird because while it’s said to be stop-motion, the movements were clearly made digitally instead of being actual stop-motion, so it looks kind of off-putting at first. But the art itself is fantastic. The dolls made by Mari Shimizu are simultaneously very beautiful and very creepy. The backgrounds add to the dark atmosphere. Overall, the art is unsettling, and that’s what makes it so good. The sound is actually my favorite part. The OST made for this movie is very unique. The few songs that have lyrics that are all connected to the story fit the scena perfectly. The background music also adds to the dark atmosphere while still being songs that are pleasant to listen to. The background sounds and voice acting were also on point. The voice acting gave me the impression of watching a stage play instead of a dubbed movie, and I thought it was fitting since instead of moving drawings, we had dolls “acting.” If you’re familiar with Dreamland Adventure (and I assume you are), then you know the characters. They are all here: White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Humpty-Dumpty, March Hare, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, etc. There’s also the new villain, called simply Darkness, and among Alice’s “friends” there is a lion that I assume was borrowed from The Wizard of Oz, and a unicorn that I have no clue where it came from. 

Dreamland Adventure

The characters don’t really have any development, but considering you’re supposed to already know them well, I don’t think that was a problem. I thoroughly enjoyed this. The Dreamland Adventure was easily one of the most interesting Dreamland Adventure adaptations and reinventions. I think that if you are looking for something unconventional, strange, and dark to watch, this is a good choice.

Where to Read Dreamland Adventure?

Currently, the series is not on any recommended sites at the moment. However, fans who want to read this series can either use its official website or other alternative websites like mangahua. I hope you find the best with ads free.

Dreamland Adventure Chapter 178 Release Date

Dreamland Adventure Chapter 178 It will be released on or before 16th October 2022. The recap still remains the same; Howard, the lowly office employee, is stuck at the bottom of the corporate ladder until a chance encounter with the mimic dream system changes his life.

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