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Eiichiro Oda Considered Ending One Piece Manga 10 Years Earlier

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What makes One Piece one of the most popular manga series on Earth is that it features so many distinct characters, each with their own unique personalities, viewpoints, and experiences. In the manga, this takes place over a period of 20 years.

Even though One Piece’s length is one of its best qualities because it gives a lot of detail about each character’s past, new fans who don’t have the patience to watch or read 1053 episodes of anime or 1053 chapters of manga might not like it.

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Eiichiro Oda reportedly planned to stop the series in 2012, according to a recent tweet from a Twitter user. Drawing One Piece was keeping him from spending time with his family, notably his daughter, who complained that he was “too busy to spend enough time with me,” as Oda said in an interview. Even though Oda was really considering retirement, he was saved by the creator’s daughter, who rescued a Chihuahua puppy and made friends with him, saving One Piece.

Currently, One Piece’s creator is taking a sabbatical from manga drawing in order to prepare for the last saga’s conclusion. Be aware that the final arc does not include all of this story’s events. It is common for sagas to be made up of numerous arcs. The epidemic prevented Eiichiro Oda from visiting the South African location where the One Piece live-action series is filmed.

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One Piece is one of the most well-known series. An anime version of the manga series, with over 1054 episodes already published, was made. One Piece Red, starring Shanks’ daughter, will have its Japanese premiere soon in theaters. Netflix is working on a live-action One Piece series that reportedly has the budget of a major Marvel film. Finally, the tireless efforts of Eiichiro Oda are beginning to bear fruit.

Imagining if the One Piece series had finished 10 years earlier, we wouldn’t have seen Yamato, the new Admiral Greenbull, and so many more interesting characters that have yet to come.

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