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Elon Musk agreed to repay manga creator Kentaro Sato 1 Billions dollars for using his artwork

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“Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk has been posting my drawings without permission, so I’d like a usage fee of one billion. In dollars.”

Twitter’s controversial new CEO, Elon Musk, is an avid Twitter user, although not every user appreciates his presence on the platform. Between the flashier headlines around his business and personal life, Musk has faced mild criticism in the past for posting uncredited fanart, among other violations of Twitter etiquette.

Magical Girl Site manga creator Kentar Sat has also chimed in by pointing out that a meme Musk posted in March uses artwork from his manga. “Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk has been posting my drawings without permission, so I’d like a usage fee of one billion. “In dollars,” he tweeted on Monday.

In a follow-uptweet, he posted the manga panels where the crying Aya Asagiri meme originates from and advertises the first volume of the manga.

Although Sat’s comment can be interpreted in a joking light, other Twitter users have argued in reply that reproducing an artist’s illustration in the form of an internet meme without their permission is a copyright violation. While this particular offense would not be limited to Musk’s posts, Sato’s fans are egging him on in the beef. After all, Musk did purchase Twitter for US$44 billion—surely he could spare another billion for an artist who brings value to the platform.

Satō (Magical Girl Apocalypse launched the Magical Girl Site horror manga on the Champion Tap!manga website in July 2013, before moving it to Weekly Shinen Championin September 2017. The manga endedin 2019 with 16 volumes.Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing the manga in English, and it shipped the 16th volume on November 23.

The manga inspired a television series. anime that premiered in April 2018 and ended in June 2018. The anime was streamed on Amazon Prime Video out side of Japan.

Satō’s new Fushi to Batsu (Immortality and Punishment) manga launched in Bessatsu Shinen Champion Magazine’s December issue on November 12.

Fans reaction

Mcb: Many people use his pics as a meme, so why’s he not charging the millions of people that are using them?

Owh, cuz they’re not billionaires. So basically, this sorry of an author is just taking advantage depending on the person

ndrygas: This is the first time I’ve had positive emotions about Magical Girl Site.

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