Entrance Mercenary: Read the entire chapter recap and spoiler!

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Entrance Mercenary is a popular manhwa (Korean manga) that has captivated readers with its engaging storyline and well-developed characters. The story revolves around Yu Ijin, a young man who becomes a mercenary after surviving a plane crash when he was a child. After a decade of living as a mercenary, Yu Ijin returns to his family in his hometown, where he must navigate the challenges of high school life while dealing with his past experiences. In this article, we will provide an in-depth recap of the latest chapter, discuss popular questions and answers related to the series, and explore the series’ impact on its readers.

Chapter Recap

Note: This section contains spoilers for the latest chapter of Entrance Mercenary.

In the most recent chapter, Yuna, one of the main characters, decides to stand up to her brother, Yeongha . Despite fearing the worst, things take a surprising turn in her favor, leaving Yeongha speechless. As the story unfolds, we see the characters navigating the complexities of their relationships, dealing with their pasts, and facing new challenges.

People Also Ask

What is the source material for Entrance Mercenary?

Entrance Mercenary is based on a manhwa, which is a Korean manga.

Is Entrance Mercenary a good manga?

Many readers have praised Entrance Mercenary for its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and captivating action scenes. The manhwa has received positive reviews and has a dedicated fan base.

Where can I read Entrance Mercenary?

entrance mercenary

You can read Entrance Mercenary online at various websites, such as Manganato and Stig. These websites offer English translations of the manhwa for free.

What is the release schedule for Entrance Mercenary chapters?

Entrance Mercenary chapters are released weekly, although there may be occasional delays. To stay updated on the latest chapter releases, you can bookmark the websites mentioned above.


Entrance Mercenary is a thrilling manga that has captured the hearts of many readers with its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and intense action scenes. As the story continues to unfold, fans eagerly await each new chapter to see how Yu Ijin and his friends navigate the challenges of high school life while dealing with their past experiences as mercenaries. With its captivating plot and relatable characters, Entrance Mercenary is a must-read for fans of action-packed manga and manhwa.

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