Excuse Me This Is My Room: Season 2! Will there be a new Chapter 121? Review, Every Detail and Recap

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Excuse Me This Is My Room: Kim Jinsoo, the main male university student, ends up moving in with his personal bully, which results in finding love between his bully and his crush.

Now to all those fans who loved the series: I’m glad the book worked for you and made you happy. That’s great. In the article I have covered everything you need to know, including a summary of the final chapter, so keep your eyes on the post and read it all so you don’t miss any important information.

Excuse Me This Is My Room Chapter 1 to 120: Review and Recap

So far, the story is great. As the story progressed, I started to root for the female student bully to end up with him since she started to develop feelings for him and she truly cared for him even though she was mean to him. I don’t think Kim Jinsoo should end up with his crush since they were mostly friends with benefits throughout the story, so him ending up with his crush would be disappointing in my opinion. Overall, a great story that I would recommend.

Excuse Me This Is My Room, Kim Jinsoo and dajeong

This has been my literal first manhwa. As was the case with a lot of people, I guess. I got on board when the story was at 20 chapters. It’s been a wild ride since then. from a regular schedule to these erratic burst uploads. I’m a little sad right now, to be honest. I didn’t see this ending coming. I didn’t see the end coming even though I knew that it was. I’m very glad to have read this one. I’ll be very glad when I reread it. I’m very glad that the author and the artist have created other works and will hopefully make many more. Together or apart, they’ll be enjoyable.

I knew this manhwa was in deep trouble when it suddenly started going from “pretty good” to “shitty forced harem with asshole Kim Jinsoo” from 31 to 40 chapters ago, but I decided to stick around, wondering how and if the author would manage to stick the landing and .. oh boy, not only did he not stick the landing, he veered 500 miles off course, crashed and burned in the middle of Pyongyang.

Excuse Me This Is My Room chapter 1

The story should’ve ended when Jinsoo prevented Daejon from getting married off 20 chapters ago. If it had ended with them marrying instead of the entire forced-harem arc where Jinsoo starts acting like a piece of shit

With this ending, though, It’s genuinely the most disappointing manhwa I’ve read on Toonily, and I feel cheated, so I feel generous giving it a 4/5.

Excuse Me This Is My Room: Will they be Season 2 or Chapter 121?

No, there wouldn’t be any more season 2 or chapter 121 in the series as the creator started the final chapter, which is Chapter 120. However, I think the creator will work on a similar project for the main time. As I previously stated, the story is about a young university student named Kim Jinsoo who is bullied by other women and eventually triumphs over them one by one. The art is really good; it turns on me the entire time. Definitely worth the time, but I believe the author should have continued the series for the benefit of fans.

Excuse Me This Is My Room chapter 120, 121, 122, 123, 124
Kim Jinsoo, Dajeong baby

Excuse Me This Is My Room Characters

The main characters are Jinsoo, Yeseul, Bytco, and AHN Dajeong. Dajeong ended up getting pregnant for Jinsoo and later gave birth to a baby boy. For more characters visit the official excuse Me wiki page.

Excuse Me This Is My Room Chapter 1-120 Released Date

The final chapter, 120, was released on August 19, which makes the end of the series season 1. However, many fans were concerned about the series’ conclusion and were hoping for a new season 2, which would continue to Chapter 121.

Excuse Me This Is My Room chapter 121,122,123,124

And the series, chapters, or manga, started in 2019 and ended on August 22, 2022. The author and his team have put a lot of energy into the series that ends with Dajeong getting married with a new baby boy for Kim Jinsoo.

Where to Read Excuse Me This Is My Room?

I will personally recommend you read the manga series on Toomics if you want to support the author. However, if you need a free source, then I would recommend you try other alternative websites like Mangahua. The manga also looks similar to water overflow.

However, I would like to end my write up here and I do recommend you always visit STIG for accurate anime and manga updates from time to time.

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