Fans Said Other Anime Industry New Seasons Are Coming Out And There Is Still No Overflow Season 2! •• Stig
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Fans said other anime industry new seasons are coming out and there is still no Overflow Season 2!

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If you are an anime lover, you should have known that Overflow is a popular anime series of all time. However, you can compare other brands to this popular show as some fans enjoy the main character and the unique story style.

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A Twitter user who goes by the name Vasto cw said, All these new seasons are coming out and still no Overflow Season 2…

However, there is no official release date for Overflow Season 2 at the moment. But some fans think that this series will still have a season 2. To me and what we know about the series so far, there will be no season 2 for overflow anymore. Because the series has only season 1 and episodes 1 to 7, since then the series ends in 2020 and even up till now we have not heard anything from the author. So I don’t think that the series still has season 2. According to some fans, and what we have to agree with some fans, is that you just have to be patient and wait. If there’s any update related to this series, we will inform you guys.

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