Forever After season 3 of continuous chapters 82, 83, 84, 85, and 86 Release Date 

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Forever After season 3: Robin has always dreamed of living the life of a fairytale princess. So, when the Fates offer her the chance to make that dream come true, she eagerly accepts. Little does she know that her wish will be misinterpreted and she will find herself in the storybook realm of Forever After.

Forever After season 3

Rather than being a princess, Robin is cast as the Prince and must fight her way through the broken stories of her childhood, restoring their happy endings in order to return home. Robin quickly learns that some things in Forever After are not quite as they were written, and she is not the only one racing through the tales. With all the responsibility she never wanted, Robin could be the hero to save them all—but not if the Wicked Witch has anything to say about it. As she journeys through Forever After, Robin must find the courage to face her fears and restore the stories of her youth.

Forever After Season 3 Recap

Everyone loves a good love story, but few are as heartbreaking as that of Añañuca. Añañuca was a young woman from a small village in Peu who fell deeply in love with a miner. The miner had come to her village in search of the mine that would bring him the greatest fortune. When Añañuca and the miner met, they fell in love and he abandoned his quest for the mine in order to stay with her.

One night, the miner had a dream about where the mine was located and left Añañuca to seek out his fortune. Añañuca waited patiently for his return, but months passed with no word of her beloved miner. Then, one day, news came back to Añañuca that the miner might have perished in his quest. Overcome with grief, Añañuca died of sorrow.

Forever After season 3

The day after Añañuca’s burial, red flowers sprung up where she was laid to rest. In her honor, these flowers were named Añañuca. Though her story may not have had a happily ever after, her legacy lives on in the Añañuca flower

Forever After chapter 82, 83, 84 85, and 86 Release Date

The eagerly anticipated release of Forever After chapters 82, 83, 84 and 85 is finally here! Fans of the series have been waiting for these chapters for months, and now can finally read the exciting continuation of the beloved story.

ChaptersRelease Date 
82March 3rd, 2023
83March 10th, 2023
84March 17th, 2023
85March 24th, 2023
86March 31st, 2023

With action, adventure, and a touch of romance, Forever After chapters 82-85 are sure to leave readers wanting more. So, if you’re looking for an exciting read, be sure to pick up your copy of Forever After and join Robin on her amazing quest.

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