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30 Funny Anime Characters That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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It’s always great to take yourself out of your comfort zone and explore different interests that you didn’t have time to before, so if you’re into anime, make sure to check these 30 funny anime characters out! Whether it’s about their appearance or the things they do on the screen, you can’t help but laugh at how hilarious they are! Make sure to add some of these anime characters to your list of favourites!

Sanji (Sanji)

Sanji, commonly known as Black Leg Sanji, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. He is a cook and part of both Straw Hat Pirates and also all-female pirate crew, called Bellemere’s pirates. Within his own crew, he goes by Mr. Prince, often causing conflict with Zoro over their conflicting views on women.

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Sanji is portrayed as a compassionate and chivalrous person, but with an arrogant streak when it comes to his looks and skills. He also thinks himself in love with Straw Hat crewmate Nami, showing a dedicated (and sometimes humorous) side when pursuing her affections. A running gag throughout his appearances is how much he loves women, but becomes bashful and terrified at any implications of actual romance. Like Zoro, Sanji was inspired by Monkey D.

Goku (Goku)

Goku is one of those funny anime characters that can’t stop making bad puns about everything. Goku is a little naïve, yet he makes up for it with his hard work and pureness of heart. When Goku defeats a villain, he takes them back to his home planet and trains them to be good people again. It may not be possible to have an entire cast of villains live on Earth, but your friends would appreciate being trained by someone as dedicated as Goku!

Yusuke Urameshi from YuYu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi is one of those funny anime characters who has a serious attitude at first but shows a silly side as well. He starts out as an average delinquent and fights only because he wants to, but after saving a young boy’s life he learns of his true potential and becomes a Spirit Detective, possessing great strength and spiritual energy. His favorite hobbies include fighting with his allies, sitting on rooftops, eating snacks and sleeping. His most valuable weapon is his supernatural strength, which can crush large buildings with ease. However, it does not seem strong enough for F-Class demons; instead he must rely on punching them in half! As Yusuke ages throughout the series he matures more than any other character.

Onizuka from GTO

Onizuka is one of those funny anime characters, a guy who speaks his mind in riddles and really isn’t much to look at. He dresses like a slob, has hair (or lack thereof) that makes him look quite foolish, and even he himself notes he doesn’t have a single girl friend. Despite all of these oddities and failings (read: character flaws), Onizuka succeeds because underneath it all, Onizuka is actually a good person.

Houtarou Oreki

Houtarou Oreki, from Hyouka, is not funny. He is lazy and uninterested in school. There are many funny anime characters out there, but one of my favorites is Houtarou Oreki. One might be able to make a case for Nisemonogatari’s Koyomi Araragi or Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt’s Stocking (believe me, I could), but here’s why I prefer it when Oreki cracks a smile: You know what he wants out of life—and even if it isn’t easy to do so—he’ll just go ahead and do his homework or whatever else needs doing.

Minami Shimada

Although she’s a little airheaded, Minami is always smiling and working hard. She’s probably one of your favorite characters because she just makes you feel happy when she’s on screen. You can’t help but smile back at her, even when she does things like accidently punch herself in the face or get too wrapped up with video games to notice there are people around her. Other than that though, Minami is always there for everyone and makes an excellent friend to have! How could anyone not love her?

Ryuuji Takasu

He is a delinquent at school and a best friend to Yusaku Kitamura. He comes from a family of gangsters, but does not seem to show any interest in it himself. His crush is Minori Kushieda, but she has fallen for Yusaku instead. However, he is unaware of her love for him and his for her. The only reason why he doesn’t fight with Yusaku over Minori is because she likes him better than Ryuuji anyway; otherwise they would be constant rivals since they are complete opposites: Yusaku works hard to achieve good grades while Ryuuji doesn’t really care about anything other than girls and fighting (with Yusaku) over Minori.

Sakamoto (Sakamoto)

Sakamoto is an incredibly cool dude who makes everything look easy, whether he’s doing it on his own or backed by his legions of loyal friends. In addition to being smart and good-looking, Sakamoto’s got a knack for defeating bullies and saving kittens in trees, which are two things we’ve never tried but always wanted to. He’s also funny in that dry deadpan way; we love his voice actor (Jun Fukuyama) because of it. But perhaps most importantly, Sakamoto is so laid back about everything he does. He knows how great he is at everything and doesn’t feel like proving it over and over again. That kind of confidence is awesome. We want to be as cool as him!

When not saving kittens from trees or helping out his fellow students, Sakamoto spends his time at school reading. Not because he’s a nerd but because he finds reading to be a more relaxing alternative to sports, which is something we totally understand! Sports are great, but any sports fan can tell you how hard it is to find a good team and maintain your standing as an active player. When there’s no game, practice, or tournament for weeks on end, it can get boring even if you’re super-good at what you do. We like that Sakamoto finds other ways to spend his free time.

The Matsuno Sextuplets From Mr. Osomatsu

Ever wondered why pop culture suddenly seems to be obsessed with Japanese animators? I have and my friend over at Gakuran-san was able to explain it all. Apparently, a well-known group of sextuplets in Japan named The Matsuno Sextuplets are apparently responsible for all of it. They made these strange hand gestures and caught on fire overnight so everyone is trying to mimic them now. On top of being funny as hell, they even look alike! So after reading about them, I decided to do some research…and found 30 more amazing funny anime characters! Enjoy these funny cartoon characters below! A list made for comedy purposes only

Saitama From One Punch Man

Saitama is quite possibly one of funniest, albeit most unusual, comic book heroes. In a world full of superheroes, villains and super-powers, Saitama stands out as funny because he doesn’t do much at all. He has incredible powers; in fact, he can defeat any enemy with just one punch!

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Other popular funny anime characters are Lucy (Elfen Lied), Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho), Keima Katsuragi (one punch man) and Tanjiro Miharu (Boku no Hero Academia). All of these anime are based on comedy manga, so if you like their main characters chances are there is a whole series of episodes starring them.

Aoi Toudou (Aoi Toudou)

Aoi Toudou is a character from Aikatsu! and one of Ichigo Hoshimiya’s best friends. Not much is known about her, but she does have one thing to say about most things… namely that they are boring. She has an incredible love for food, especially sweets. She loves eating so much that she is almost always seen with a snack in hand—and even when she isn’t eating something, she’ll find something else to eat or drink (even if it’s not edible). She also doesn’t seem to care what other people think of her eating habits. Her favorite food is pudding; however, since her mother makes them poorly (so says Aoi), she usually buys them from somewhere else instead.

Maeda (Maeda)

Maeda is a main character in Ouran High School Host Club. Maeda is a senior at Ouran Academy and also one of Haruhi’s classmates. When he was younger, he wanted to become an Olympic gymnast, but now he seems to have forgotten about it and became so obsessed with girls that Kyouya called him a girl-magnet!

Chrome (Chrome)

chrome character

Chrome is one of my favorite shows. The show’s main character, a giant chimp named Chrome, is just so funny! He has some of the best facial expressions and reactions I’ve ever seen. If you enjoy good animated comedies, do yourself a favor and check out Chrome . You won’t regret it!
One of my favorite parts of Chrome is how visually appealing it is. The color palette used throughout all seasons has some of my favorite colors, and I always pay attention to detail when watching shows, so it helps keep me engaged in a more meaningful way. If you like colorful cartoons with unique visual flair, check out Chrome . You won’t regret it!

Rak Wraithraiser

While on a quest to rid his village of evil, Rak Wraithraiser (pronounced ra-keh) stumbles upon King Goat, a powerful wizard who can transform into numerous animals. What happens next is pure comedy gold: King Goat convinces Rak to have magical tattoos inked onto his chest—and not just any tattoos. After asking about different shapes and sizes, he requests that a giant dragon be drawn on his chest; funny enough, he also opts for ribbit tattoos all over his body. In any other story, such a magical experience would be boring or even inappropriate… but given how hilarious these magical adventures are as they unfold throughout story arcs within various Dragon Ball comics and anime episodes, it makes perfect sense.

Zenitsu Agatsuma (Demon Slayer)

zenitsu agatsuma

One of Demon Slayer’s funniest aspects is its somewhat mean-spirited sense of humor. This is especially true with Zenitsu, a young warrior who was raised by demons after his parents were killed by demons. Despite knowing little to nothing about human culture, he eventually enrolls in a samurai school, as well as fights alongside humans. While his backstory and accompanying quirks can be humorous in their own right, it’s his blunt way of speaking that makes him truly funny. He’s not one for eloquent dialogue or pleasantries—this kid just gets straight to the point (although things don’t always go as planned). His hilarious interactions with others are truly what makes him one of anime’s funniest anime characters.

Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

Senku Ishigami is a character from the manga series Dr. Stone by Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi. Senku is one of the main protagonists of the story, who has an intellect to make him a better person than any others. His intelligence helps him fix things in the city and he has some magic stuff with him which always makes his friend laugh when he uses it. Senku always tries to make his friends happy no matter what happens and he uses all his magic stuff for their benefit. His first appearance was in Chapter 1-6 of Dr.

Eikichi Onizuka (Great Teacher Onizuka)

This motorcycle-riding, ex-biker puncher is a bit of an oddity, but he’s also one of our favorite funny cartoon characters.

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If there was ever a goofy cartoon character to love, it’s Eikichi Onizuka. This strange elementary school teacher is brash, loud and (clearly) unqualified, but his antics are definitely enough to put a smile on your face. From playing with class pets to fighting crime and standing up for what he believes in, Onizuka is always good for a laugh. Whether he’s giving advice to his students or helping one of them realize their true potential (to earn money), we can’t help but love him!


The queen’s face is a classic manga funny face, with a stylized wide open mouth and round eyes. Her long hair floats in front of her head and frequently obscures her face. She is dressed in fancy robes with furs around her neck, often hiding large portions of her body behind them. She does not seem to be very strong as she wears a cape for protection instead of a sword or armor. (from ristarte)

Jiraiya (Naruto)

When we’re feeling down, sometimes it takes a bit of comedy to remind us just how hilarious life can be. In anime, no character represents humor more than a funny cartoon character. Whether it’s because they look ridiculous or act awkward in an uncomfortable situation, these funny cartoon characters can always lighten up your day! We’ve compiled a list of 30 funny cartoon characters from all across anime for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Assassination Classroom is back for a second season, and one of its most distinctive new cast members is Koro-Sensei, a fat alien who teaches Japanese middle schoolers by trying to kill them. In other words, it’s more of what you loved about last season: inventive violence! What’s less clear is why he wears a gas mask in his human form (likely an expression of inner pain), or why he turns into a giant ball whenever he gets hit.

Arataka Reigen

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Arataka Reigen is one of my all-time favorite anime characters. From his first appearance in episode three to his final appearance in episode twenty-six, Reigen never once failed to crack me up. Like most humans, he has his good days and bad days, but overall he’s extremely likable and incredibly funny. His whole act is a wonderful mix of crazy and mysterious—and it has a lot of truths buried within it!

Takehito Morokuzu/Gakuto (Prison School)

While Takehito is more of a sadist than a downright pervert, he’s still one of our favorite hilarious anime guys. After all, his favorite activity is peeping on women…with binoculars and while taking photos. He’s so creepy it’s actually kind of adorable! Prison School is available to stream on Funimation now.

Joseph Joestar

This one’s for all of you JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans out there. Joseph is first introduced as a minor antagonist, but quickly becomes one of Jonathan’s friends and allies in his quest to defeat Dio Brando. Joseph has a goofy sense of humor and is able to summon supernatural beings with his throwing power; he was also blessed with Hamon (the ability to manipulate blood) by Lisa Lisa.

Amatsuyu Kisaragi

Kisaragi is a self-described hedonist who appears in episode seven of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. She asks to stay at Segawa’s house, but instead of paying rent she gives him sexual favors. The series got cut short so we never found out what happened to Kisaragi and Segawa, but if they were in a more open-minded society they might just work out.

Monkey D Luff

funny anime characters, monkey d luff

Luff is the king of hat pirate group and first appeared in one piece. His hat is the treasure of all the pirates. He won it from a man called Johji Manjome and it’s hidden by a devilish dog. When he got rid of the dog, he could get his hands on the hat but then his boat was taken away by police.

A Funny Anime Character With Mask (FQA)

Some of the character with mask are:

  • Tobi from naruto
  • Lord death
  • gin from hotarubi
  • One face from one piece


When it comes to entertainment, we all need some comedy in our lives. Why? Because comedy helps us relax, forget about any worries and simply enjoy life. After all, isn’t laughter really what we need most in our lives? So let’s take a look at 30 funny anime characters! These crazy boys and girls are sure to put a smile on your face and make you laugh out loud… well, maybe just chuckle.

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