Get Schooled Chapter 77: The Village Head! Review and Released Date

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Get Schooled Chapter 77, It’s here! It’s finally here! It took three weeks, but the new Get Schooled chapter has finally arrived! The chapter that was released this time was Chapter 77, The Village Head. For those who are unaware, Get Schooled is an ongoing manga series that follows our main protagonist, Hwajin Na, through high school. For a Ministry of Education employee, teaching practices are fairly violent. As he quits his old job, moves to the United States, and starts high school at the prestigious Little Forest Academy in California’s wine country,

There is no more qualified candidate. Sometimes it is impossible to receive a quality education unless the bullies are taught a lesson.

Get Schooled Chapter 77: The Village Head! The Thing that Happened?

Get Schooled Chapter 77 the fight manga

In Chapter 77, The Village Head attacks Hwajin with his men. However, they were ultimately unsuccessful in their mission as Hwajin had already been warned and was able to escape. This event causes great consternation among the villagers, who now fear for their safety.  Meanwhile, Sunbae is following in the footsteps of his father and has joined the resistance. He’s now a full-fledged member of a rebel faction and a high-ranking leader within that group, though he doesn’t yet know what this means or entails. 

One day, he is called by his father and asked to meet him at night near their village so that they can have dinner together (which they’ve not done since before Sunbae joined). But when Sunbae arrives at the designated meeting place, he sees a large number of men gathered there, who then spring out of hiding to capture him.

Previous Recap And Review

In the previous chapter, an unknown man was biting Sunbae to reveal where they were hiding his girlfriend. Sunbae didn’t give in, even when the man threatened to kill him. However, the man eventually found out where they were hiding her and took her away. 

Get Schooled Chapter 77

In Chapter 76, we saw that Manse showed Sunbae’s girlfriend who he was working for, and she became terrified. She told him that she had no relationship with Sunbae and that he should just let her go. It seems as though Manse will not be satisfied until he sees Sunbae suffer, which does not bode well for our friend. Meanwhile, a mysterious man contacted Minkyu to hire him to kill Manse with an arsenal of weapons as bait. I wonder what will happen next. Read on to find out!

Get Schooled the attacking time

The village head is the person who gives the most powerful options to the village, making them a key target. In Get Schooled Chapter 77, the students of Class 1-A must work together to take down the village head and free their classmates. However, the village head is a very formidable opponent.

Get Schooled Chapter 77: Released Date

Get Schooled Chapter 77 was released on May 10th. 2022 Stig has reviewed the manga and gave it an average rating of 4.5 stars.   The art is very different from what I’ve seen in other mangas, but it’s not bad. I enjoy this story because it feels like I’m reading a kid’s book, but with a more mature storyline. Fans are happy with the release date, while new fans have another opportunity to read the manga on webtoons or other alternatives.

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