Go Away Romeo Spoiler: Remeo Will Finally Marry Rosaline

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This is the best spoiler in the Go Away Romeo manga series, as Remeo finally married Rosaline, the mother of Mino.

In this exciting conclusion to the Go Away, Romeo manga series, Remeo and Rosaline finally tie the knot, bringing an end to the long and tumultuous journey of their relationship. This is a momentous occasion for the two, as well as for the readers, who have been rooting for them since the beginning. The marriage marks a new beginning for the couple as well as a happy ending for the series. It’s a fitting conclusion to the story, as Remeo and Rosaline finally get the chance to start their life together and become a family with their son, Mino. This is the best spoiler in the Go Away, Romeo manga series, as Remeo finally married Rosaline, the mother of Mino.

I love our female lead here. Rosaline might not be what some might think of when they hear “strong female character,” but she has plenty of strength. She’s able to keep her composure, is elegant, and is very intelligent. She loves her son and wants the best for him, so she strives to be better to achieve that opportunity. She has her own issues, but she doesn’t allow that to affect her relationship with Mino. I’m interested to see Rosaline’s story, and I wish her and Mino all the happiness. I’m curious about (1)

(2) Rosaline’s potential relationship with Paris and how that’ll go It seems like Paris is pretty cordial to her, and though he may come off a certain way, he’s at least concerned for Mino. It’s obvious that he’ll become a constant in Rosaline and Mino’s lives, so I hope he’ll be good to both of them. Because I notice that Mino said “a” papa, not specifically HIS papa. And while on that topic, Romeo, you and Juliet better stay the hell away from Rosaline and her son. You’ve already done enough.

Go Away Romeo

A fan once responded to the spoiler we posted by saying, “I actually kind of prefer Rosaline’s depiction of a strong female lead than most other depictions of the trope; she is strong because of her resolve but doesn’t lash out or act brazen.” Instead, she displays a more quiet and nurturing strength; essentially, she is what TV Tropes calls an example of “silk hiding steel.” A person (generally a woman) who keeps a calm demeanor but is willing to do what it takes to protect what is precious to her whilst processing her feelings in a mature manner

Furthermore, this is a spoiler for a few chapters, as this series is just beginning. If anything changes, we’ll update this spoiler. And you can read more about the Go Away Romeo manga series here.

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