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Gura Gura No Mi | Is it the Strongest Devil Fruit? Everything You Need To Know

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The Gura Gura no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that transforms its bearer into a Tremor Human (Shind Ningen) by enabling them to produce vibrations, or quakes.

Vice Admiral Tsuru stated that, even if she retreated to the ends of the ocean, there would be no safe place left in the world for her to go when faced with the power of the Gura no Mi. Oda itself has been said to be the strongest Paramecia, and is widely feared for its world-ending capabilities. “We might very well pass away here and now. Because that person has the ability to ruin the whole world.

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The point of this dissection is to break down the Devil fruit called Gura-Gura-no-Mi and what makes it so infamous and what its prior users may have accomplished. Before I get more into today’s content on prior users’ feats, Let’s see some of what one-piece fans have been asking, and here are the answers to each question.

What Does The Gura Gura No Mi Do

Gura Gura No Mi

The fruit performed just like others it is the only Devil Fruit capable of destroying the entire planet. No other Devil Fruit has the destructive capabilities of this magnitude. The Gura Gura no Mi’s user has to be very careful in utilizing its power, however. One quake can cause a massive tsunami which can result in the user’s death.

Fruit has been labeled as the most powerful paramecia devil fruit in existence in the One Piece universe. Aside from it being used by Whitebeard, one of the most fearsome pirates at the time, therefore, Whitebeard must always be careful when using his devil fruit powers, and given how he treats his crew like family, there must be second thoughts that cross his mind before unleashing the full force of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit.

Does The Gura Gura No Mi Use Kinetic Energy?

Yes, i would like short the answer by said “YES” In a short summary Theoretically, it could make the user extremely jacked.

Gura Gura No Mi

Kinetic energy is typically used by the fruit. By constantly sending tremors throughout one’s own body, they would constantly stimulate their muscles, and if they do it properly, they could further develop their muscles and even switch to gently massaging them to recover more quickly.

Also, as slightly demonstrated at Marineford, he can touch and hold air, meaning, hypothetically, he could walk on air by vibrating the molecules under his feet.

How Did Blackbeard Get Gura Gura No Mi

Blackbeard hit Whitebeard somewhere near the heart area, similar to how Navy Admiral Sakakuzi punched Ace, then Ace spit out these red balls, and Whitebeard spat out these little white slightly cracked balls, and Blackbeard ate one.

According to the latest One Piece theories, Roger told Whitebeard how to do it and only Blackbeard knew where he stored the info. (it was in his “banana pack”).

Blackbeard somehow copied the Gura Gura no Mi powers, similar to how Dr. Vegapunk copied (to a certain extent) the Pika Pika no Mi from Kizaru and gave it to the Pacifista. In essence, this isn’t actually

Blackbeard is a tool that allows him to handle multiple fruits The more entities there are in him, the more devil fruits he can handle. The limit is probably 2 or more.

Is Gura Gura No Mi The Strongest Devil Fruit

Paramecia is the correct answer.”Gura Gura no Mi” is said to be the most powerful of the many Paramecia Devil Fruits. It’s easy to mistake him for a “Tremor Human.”

The fruit is fearsomely reputed to be able to destroy the world and is considered to be the strongest Devil Fruit within the Paramecia class, having powers no weaker than those of a Logia Devil Fruit.

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