Hanlim Gym Chapter 93: Yeongha, the New Transfer Student, Recap and Every Detail! Release Date

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The highly anticipated Hanlim Gym Chapter 93 has been set released, and it was definitely worth the wait! This chapter picked up right where Chapter 92 left off, with the group in the heart of Yeongha so they could start to head toward their final destination, While I would normally dive right into my recap, I’m going to take this time to talk about the release date of Chapter 93 and why I decided to break from my normal schedule!

anlim Gym Chapter 93: Yeongha, the New Transfer Student, Recap and Every Detail! Release Date

A recap of the story Tired of being picked on, Yeongha, the new transfer student, decides to fight back… and discovers he can pack a punch. He soon becomes the king of the food chain, savoring his new title as the toughest guy at school. But he meets his match when Suho Kang, the champion of the PVP games, single-handedly takes down him and his crew. To earn back his honor, Yeongha decides to join the PVP games. Will he finally get the satisfaction of beating Suho up? Or will he gain something more?

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Hanlim Gym Chapter 93: What Will Happen Next?

Yeongha, the new transfer student, decides to fight Kang Hyun and Han Joo. He notices the other two watching in a corner of the ring. Yeongha throws a challenge out to them, saying, “Do you want to fight too?”

Not only that let wait and see what going to happen in the next chapter of the series.

Previous Chapter Summary

In Hanlim Gym, Bruce Lee looks slightly different. In Hanlim Gym, he has blue eyes. His bangs are a little longer than before. He’s taller, as well. What did you do to yourself? I teased him while petting his hair. Mmmhmm, I know it was you! His light skin color is still unchanged though-it doesn’t look like he’s been exposed to the sun at all!

Hanlim Gym Chapter 93

I’m only doing this because of your hair! That explains why they’re so black. So that’s why there were white strands mixed in with your beautiful dark black locks! Your lips were pinkish too. Don’t tell me…you dyed them too?! Yeongha, the new transfer student, decides to fight back. I dyed my hair just for you. I lied nonchalantly.

Hanlim Gym Chapter 93: Release Date

It will be released on or before September 20, 2022. So I was really curious about what was going to happen next in this series of events! The final volume will be released on or before September 20, 2022, so we can anticipate that soon Hanlim Gym Chapter 94 will be coming out soon too.

Hanlim Gym Characters

The main character is Yeongha. Yeongha’s last name is Kang. His father is a good friend of Gi-Dong’s, and his family owns a fitness center. When Yeongha starts feeling that Gi-Dong doesn’t care about him anymore because he does not visit enough, he transfers to Hanlim Academy.

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