Happy Birthday To Sajuna Inui! Join Us To Celebrate Her Special Day  •• Stig
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Happy Birthday to Sajuna Inui! Join us to celebrate Her Special day 

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Her birthday is today, so let’s have a “Happy Birthday” party! Sajuna Inui, come out from your current room My Dress-Up Darling! Let’s make some friends with you!”

Happy birthday, Sajuna! We hope you have a wonderful day. 

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Sajuna Inui is one of the most talented and well-loved characters on My Dress-Up Darling Series, and we’re so glad she’s part of the family. She has always been an amazing asset to our team, with her incredible design skills and passion for creativity.

We would like to thank Sajuna for her dedication and hard work, and we wish her all the best in the future. Thank you, Sajuna, for everything.

Sajuna Inui Fans Reaction

Sajuna Inui


Bruh saying happy birthday to a fictional character


You must be new here cause this isn’t anything new




I just wanted my dress up darling for the 2 time Today and i really had fun.


Happy birthday sajuna inui


My favourite anime

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