Harem Cult Episode 1 to 5 full videos & Every Details

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Harem cult Episode 1, anime Series is a brand new anime series created by Queen Bee. It consists of five parts, each having five episodes, but only Episode two has been released. These episodes are based on the story of a harem girl who wants to become a real woman but end up dating school classmates during sporting with Hatorishima .

What is “Harem Cult Anime?”

harem cult episode 1, 2, 3

Harem anime is a genre of Japanese animation where the main character is usually a male who has a harem of beautiful women around him.

Harem Cult Episode 1

Harem Cult Episode 2

Watch the new season 2 is about Kun who went neck during school part.

Harem Cult Characters

The series’ main characters are:

Harem Cult Release Date

Series is a Japanese anime created by Queen Bee. It was originally released on May 26, 2022 and was uploaded on June 6, 2022 by Queen Bee. In the story, two girls named Hatorishima and Tatsumi meet at school and fall in love.

Where to watch Harem Cult?

Hanime is a great place to watch the video. Apart from that, other websites are just trash. So we do recommend Hanime or Bili Bili.

This anime series is a great source of entertainment only if you are with your girlfriend. It contains some really interesting characters and storylines. It also provides a good insight into the lives of women like the main character, Tatsumi kun.

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Harem Cult Review: Good Or Bad?

A short answer is that herem cult is not a good anime for children under 17 years but for some reason, if you looking for a good harem cult Review? Well, look no further because we have reviewed some of the best harem cult anime series. If you want to watch Herem, then read our review below.

A harem cult anime is a type of dating sim where females take control of a male protagonist who has to woo women through various means. As a result, Tatsumi Kun can also date them while schooling together with Hatorishima Hajime, the main female character of the series. The anime also looks similar to the Overflow anime.

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